How To Sell Out Your Entire Food Truck in 45 Minutes

Everybody loves food trucks. Whenever a new one pops up on the corner there is always a buzz and excitement in the air. But the reality is getting foot traffic to your truck isn’t as easy as it sounds right off the bat. Of course the number one rule is always location, location, location – but there are a few key tactics you can use to give yourself a boost – no matter where your truck is located.

Food Trucks are a great asset to any restaurant brand. Not only can they be tremendously profitable, but they also do a great job of getting out on the streets and making your brand known. They give exposure to your restaurant and your brand in new places – creating more customers and boosting your sales.

But how do you get more people to come to your food truck? Obviously location is critical. Finding the right corner or cross street will make a huge difference in the success of your food truck. There is another strategy that can play a huge part in the success of any food truck.

Location based services offer a great tool for marketing and promoting food trucks. Think about – what better way to generate buzz and get people to your truck than to offer them an incentive for stopping by and checking in. Ice cream truck? Give them a free extra scoop. Get people excited and involved. Here are couple strategies for generating enough buzz to sell out your food truck in under an hour!

Have a free giveaway at at your truck. Try giving away free sides, a free T-Shirt or something seasonal and fun.

Tell people to check-in at a specific time. Generate a big crowd and a bunch of buzz, have people check in at the same time.

Use Foursquare “Swarm” Badge as an incentive to get everyone to check in at once.

Host your location based event on during a special day- during a holiday or weekend when more people are out and about.

Have your check-in special be a “group discount” – like Groupon – where you check-in with a group of 4 and get a free giveaway – this encourages more people to come visit your food truck and people will bring their friends.

Most importantly – have fun – location based software is a great way to generate buzz and promote your mobile food stand, but it’s also a fun and interesting way to generate new sales. Enjoy it and learn how else you can use location based service to help build your sales.

Food trucks are a great opportunity for any restaurant – and location based marketing provides a new and exciting way to generate traffic and buzz for your food truck.