Sexual assaults can be devastating to the victim. People feel and react differently when sexually assaulted. The assault happens when there is unwanted physical contact in a sexual manner done intentionally and without consent. The unwanted physical contact includes kissing to sexual intercourse. The Toronto sexual assault lawyer explores some legal options available to the victim of a sexual assault.

Note that with sexual assault, you do not have to be physically injured to prove that you were sexually harassed. There is also no time limit for reporting a sexual assault. Sexual assaults don’t matter with your gender, age, or race. Anyone can be a victim, and anyone can commit a crime. Here are things to learn from a sexual assault lawyer.

  1. What Should You Do If It Happens

If you have been sexually abused, call the police on the emergency service number 911. They will come quickly to ensure you are safe. If you are not in danger, you can decide whether to call the police immediately or not.

Most victims feel ashamed and blame themselves for the action, and they often do not report sexual assault cases. Others do not want their families to know what happened, and it even becomes difficult to report if the person who committed the crime is a family member or an intimate partner.

Most victims also suffer cultural, religious, and racial discrimination. It is unfortunate that even police officers and judges believe in sexual assault myths and start blaming the victim.

  1. What Are The Legal Options?

Calling the police and your Toronto lawyer is not the only legal option if you are sexually assaulted. You can also make human rights complaints or file your complaint with a disciplinary or a professional governing body. This body can be your university.

Decide for yourself when you are sexually assaulted. You can also choose to first concentrate on your emotional healing or report the case immediately. Some victims will feel satisfied when the perpetrator is punished.

Other survivors will not report because they want to distance themselves from what happened and don’t want any trail of memories.

  1. Criminal Rights Complaint

The law prohibits discrimination against people because of race and origin, sex, marital status, and age. Sexual assault is a criminal offense and discrimination against sex, which is against the law.

The human rights laws protect the citizens from discrimination in their employment places, accommodation, access to goods and services, and membership in unions. If you were assaulted in any of these places, you could place charges against the perpetrator in human rights.

  1. Civil Claim

As a sexual assault survivor, you can also sue your attacker in a civil court through your Toronto sexual assault lawyer. The civil suit provides privacy between you and the perpetrator, and you can report even after the court finds them innocent. Here, the survivor gets financial compensation for any loss that occurred due to the sexual assault.