Best Pro Teams in League of Legends

Children, adolescents, and adults tend to play various computer games, however, League of Legends is known to be the most popular one. Millions of people play this game every day, and some of them even do that professionally. In fact, League of Legends also refers to cybersport as its developers organize annual tournaments for professional teams.

League of Legends World Championship

The world’s best-known tournament in cybersport is organized by the Riot Games studio. This competition is the world championship that is gathering teams of professional players of the League of Legends game. It is held annually and each time it occurs in a different part of the world.

Like any tournament, the League of Legends World Championship includes several preparation steps. One of those is the qualification round where teams of professional players are selected to participate in the annual championship.

As League of Legends refers to cybersport, there are professional leagues of players in various countries. Each of those leagues comprises numerous teams of players that compete with each other on the regional level. As a result, they have rankings within the local leagues based on which the selection to the world championships is made. For instance, the teams with the highest scores in the European League get the chance to participate in the main League of Legends world tournament.

Once the teams from various professional leagues in different geographical regions are selected, the championship starts. The rules may slightly change from one year to another, though teams usually tend to compete in rounds and then the best ones go to the playoff. Each year, the prize fund is divided between the winner of the tournament, the team that takes the second prize, and semi-finalists.

Best professional teams

The League of Legends world championships gathers many teams of talented players every year. Even though some teams become winners and others do not, all the players are extremely experienced.


This team of players is relatively new as it was formed only in 2017 in South Korea. Recently, its name has been changed to the DWG KIA and refers to a large car manufacturer in the country. This team has become very popular as it has won the annual world tournament held in China in 2020.

Invictus Gaming

Another popular League of Legends professional team is called Invictus Gaming. It is actually the strongest and the most powerful team of professional players in China. Moreover, Invictus Gaming has recently been taking high positions on the League of Legends world championship. Thus, its players have won the tournament in 2018 and were participating in the semifinal of the world championship in 2019.

G2 Esports

In fact, this team is considered to be one of the greatest cybersports squads ever. Even though it has not won any of the recent tournaments, it continuously shows amazing results in the League of Legends World Championship over the last several years. G2 Esports took second prize in 2019 and was a semifinalist in

New Samsung Smartphone Released in 2018 Review

Samsung becomes a big smartphone company internationally. Although in its appearance, Samsung is still less competitive with other brand such as Iphone. But nowadays, it gets more popularity in gadget world. There must be a new Samsung smartphone released every year. The quality of the smartphone is also increasing. It can be seen from the euphoria of the people every time Samsung releases its new Samsung smartphone. If you are a big fan of this brand, you must follow the review below.

Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro

The first new Samsung smartphone released in 2018 is Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro. If you are looking for lower price of Samsung smartphone, J2 Pro is a perfect choice for you. This smartphone has a fairly complete specification for the price measure about $145. It comes with 5.0 inch super AMOLED display and 540 x 960 pixels qHD resolution. It has enough memory storage 16 GB with 1.5 GB RAM.

For the camera, it has 8 MP main camera and also 5 MP front camera with LED flash, that you can use for selfie in day and night. This smartphone uses Li-Ion battery with 2600 mAh that is enough to support your activities. You do not have to be worry for the network connection because this smartphone supports 4G LTE.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 2

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 2 is the next new Samsung smartphone you need to know. What makes this smartphone different with the previous Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime series  is about the 13 MP front camera. It has 5.5 inch Full HD display and 13 MP main camera. It also has big capacity of battery about 3300 mAh. Besides, the large capacity of 32 GB internal memory and 3 GB RAM memory will give you wide space to save pictures or videos. For the CPU, it uses 1.6 Ghz octa core with chipset Exynos 7870.

Samsung Galaxy A8+

The next new Samsung smartphone released in 2018 is Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8+. It has 6.0 inch super AMOLED display and anti-scratch Gorilla glass screen. For the camera, it has 8 MP front camera and 16 MP back camera.  The internal memory is about 64 GB and also 6 GB RAM available. It has an embedded 3500 mAh Li-Ion battery with fast charging. If you have lower budget, you can buy the Samsung Galaxy A8 with smaller capacity of memory. But it is better to add your budget later to buy Samsung Galaxy A8+.

Samsung Galaxy S9+

Samsung Galaxy S9+ is the next new Samsung smartphone to know. It has Super AMOLED display with 6.2 inch. For the camera, it has dual main camera and two lens opening options which are 12 MP for the main camera and 8 MP for the front camera.  While for the memory, it has 64 GB internal memory and 6 GB RAM. It also has an embedded 3500 mAh Li-Ion battery with fast charging.…

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