Best Pro Teams in League of Legends

Children, adolescents, and adults tend to play various computer games, however, League of Legends is known to be the most popular one. Millions of people play this game every day, and some of them even do that professionally. In fact, League of Legends also refers to cybersport as its developers organize annual tournaments for professional teams.

League of Legends World Championship

The world’s best-known tournament in cybersport is organized by the Riot Games studio. This competition is the world championship that is gathering teams of professional players of the League of Legends game. It is held annually and each time it occurs in a different part of the world.

Like any tournament, the League of Legends World Championship includes several preparation steps. One of those is the qualification round where teams of professional players are selected to participate in the annual championship.

As League of Legends refers to cybersport, there are professional leagues of players in various countries. Each of those leagues comprises numerous teams of players that compete with each other on the regional level. As a result, they have rankings within the local leagues based on which the selection to the world championships is made. For instance, the teams with the highest scores in the European League get the chance to participate in the main League of Legends world tournament.

Once the teams from various professional leagues in different geographical regions are selected, the championship starts. The rules may slightly change from one year to another, though teams usually tend to compete in rounds and then the best ones go to the playoff. Each year, the prize fund is divided between the winner of the tournament, the team that takes the second prize, and semi-finalists.

Best professional teams

The League of Legends world championships gathers many teams of talented players every year. Even though some teams become winners and others do not, all the players are extremely experienced.


This team of players is relatively new as it was formed only in 2017 in South Korea. Recently, its name has been changed to the DWG KIA and refers to a large car manufacturer in the country. This team has become very popular as it has won the annual world tournament held in China in 2020.

Invictus Gaming

Another popular League of Legends professional team is called Invictus Gaming. It is actually the strongest and the most powerful team of professional players in China. Moreover, Invictus Gaming has recently been taking high positions on the League of Legends world championship. Thus, its players have won the tournament in 2018 and were participating in the semifinal of the world championship in 2019.

G2 Esports

In fact, this team is considered to be one of the greatest cybersports squads ever. Even though it has not won any of the recent tournaments, it continuously shows amazing results in the League of Legends World Championship over the last several years. G2 Esports took second prize in 2019 and was a semifinalist in

How to Fix Samsung Tablet Screen Flickering?

Samsung becomes one of the big companies that has produced quality tablets. There are many products that have been released including Galaxy TabA10.1. Even though it has solid performance, but there will be issues appear. How to fix Samsung tablet screen flickering becomes one of the questions from the users. It’s definitely unpleasant when the tablet screen has annoying lines. Therefore, if one day you experience it, you can try several ways below.

Factory Reset

Factory reset becomes the first way how to fix Samsung tablet screen flickering. But you should backup your data before proceeding. It’s because this way will bring your table back to when the first time you buy. What you should do first is turn off the tablet. Then press and hold the Home key and Volume Up key. After that, do the same but only on the Power key. When the device logo appears, release the Power key only. Then if the Android logo appears, you can release all the keys. Once you have done it, you need to press Volume down key several times, Power button to select, Volume down key, Power button to select and start the master reset.

Soft Reset

Refreshing the tablet is necessary if the data you save is corrupt. Many people surely have experienced this problem. Yes, we don’t even know what the main cause is. But this can result flickering screen which is very annoying. So, the second solution how to fix Samsung tablet screen flickering to try is soft reset. This is highly recommended for those who experience small software errors. This is very easy to do because you just need to press and hold the power button and the volume down. It only takes about 45 seconds. After that, wait for the device to restart.

Safe Mode

Safe mode becomes the third way how to fix Samsung tablet screen. But before knowing the steps, you need to know if the downloaded application can cause a broken screen. Even though you download from the credible Google Play Store, there will be still bad possibilities. Bugs and incompatible applications are examples of the possibility. Based on this issue, you can perform safe mode. This is because in this mode, pre-installed applications are allowed to run.

Then what you should do is turn off the device. After that, you can press and hold the Power button across the screen. When “Samsung” displays on the screen, you can release the Power button. After releasing the button, continue to press and hold the Volume down. Then wait it until the device finishes restarting. If you follow all these steps properly, you will see the safe mode in the left corner of the screen.

Clean the Cache

The last way how to fix Samsung tablet screen is clean the cache. There are times if your data cache system is damaged. This can trigger screen flickering. Therefore, you can start to clean up the data in the tablet. Go To Setting, …

Cause You Can’t Do Factory Reset Samsung Phone

What problems often occur so far in using your Samsung phone? Surely you have already experienced from a broken charger cable to have a factory reset. But although you can do it alone, there are stiil many who can’t do a factory reset Samsung phone. If you are one of them, you probably need to know why you cannot do it on your phones. But there are actually many reasons why. Software, hardware, and even IC EMMC can be one of them. But now we are focusing on the cause of IC EMMC.

For those who had never hear it before, this article will give a short explanation. IC EMMC itself is the internal memory where you save all the data.  There are some important data on this IC EMMC such as Recovery, Operation System, Bootloader, dan others. If you want to know the signs of your IC EMMC damages, you can look at some points below.

System Application Error

System Application error becomes the first thing that can cause IC EMMC damages and factory reset failed. If you ever found a message “unfortunately the application has stopped, you must be suspicious. This is a reminder that something happens to your EMMC IC. This is a sign that EMMC has begun to weaken and is difficult to overcome. If you perform flashing, you will experience bootloop or end at just the boot logo.

Often Fail When Flashing

The next cause you can’t do factory Reset Samsung Phone is often fail when flashing. In line the previous point, this process is kind of waste because EMMC has weakened. In detail, this is the process of installing a new operating system from the old one which was error. But it’s not always success even sometimes smartphones still experience errors.

Upgrade Failure

Besides flashing, upgrade failure also becomes a sign that the EMMC is weak. There are actually two media which are Nand Flash and Nand Flash Controllers. Deleting and writing data on the OS partition is all you have to do. But if one of them is broken, then the process of writing ROM to Nand flash might fail.


Did you ever hear about hardbrick before? Yeah, this is the most fatal. In this situation, your phone is totally dead. It means that your phone cannot be revived. Changing EMMC is the only way you can do. You need to buy a new one to turn the phone back on. But you have to think about it twice. This is because the price of EMMC is quite expensive. This even can be half price of your smartphone.

After reading a few points above, you can find out the symptoms why finally you cannot do a factory reset Samsung phone. If you experience one of them, you must take quick action. Don’t be panic and take the wrong action. Calm down first then look for what is the right solution. But if that doesn’t work, you will eventually have to go …

Different Ways to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Forgetting password becomes the most problem occurs. No wonder that people try they to find ways to open their smartphone. Well, unlocking is the only way you must do now. We will discuss how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. There will be some different ways you can learn. It’s because there are still some possibilities besides forgetting the password. If you face some difficulties later on, you can apply one of these ways.

Purchase a Software

Purchase a software is the first way to unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. You can download software from the website that will be saved on the computer. After that, you need to connect to your device using USB. This will make your operating system work with any operator. But on the other hand, we are also not sure about its security. So, it can be said that this method doesn’t really effective to try. This is because we do not know about the origin contained in the software.

Try Hardware Unlocking

If you are unsure in buying software, you can try hardware unlocking. This is the second way how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. But this will be more difficult because you need to disassemble your phone. Not only that, you will also lose the warranty. Just imagine that you unpacked your phone without experience. As we know, this requires special expertise to unlock phone. Moreover, this is for the sake of replacing software. You really have to own that kind of ability.

Then for the matter of warranty, surely you will lose it. If you submit a service to the Samsung Centre, the technician will certainly check the inside of your phone. They will find out if you have unpacked the phone and software. As a result, the service centre will cancel the warranty. Based on this case, is it safe to do hardware unlocking? The answer is no. This is because you have very clearly lost your warranty and the risk is enormous. But if you are phone technician and have experience, you can do it.

Try IMEI Unlocking

The next way how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is IMEI and Networking Unlocking. Unlike the previous method, this third method is better. This is because safer by using code. However, one thing you must remember is find a company that has a good reputation. This is because there are many scammy websites that aim for fraud. This is the weakness of this third method you should know.

Therefore, you have to find the right service first. Of course, you will need to pay for online services to get the code. But this is the only way you can do. There are many places you must observe first for IMEI services. This is an easier method compared to the previous methods. This IMEI number will help you precisely because it has information about your phone. Whether it’s colour, year of manufacture, model, as well as locked operator. So far, …

Simple Skype Text Tricks to Try at Home

Texting activities become easier to do nowadays. No need to use balance anymore because it only needs the internet connection . There are platforms to download such as Skype. Although it is an old platform, Skype is still used by some of people.If you are the Skype users, you can try some simple Skype text tricks to make your chatting becomes more attractive. See all of the  Skype text tricks below.

Font Changing Trick

The number one of Skype text tricks is font changing. It is a good choice if you are bored with normal fonts for chatting. Customize your font by opening the Tools on Skype. There will be an Option to choose then  click IMS and IMS Appearance to change your font. You can see many fonts including the style and size.

Emoticon Trick

Emoticon is one of the reason why this platform becomes unattractive to use.There are few emoticons which also limit the users in getting a fun chatting. But you can try the second Skype text trick by appearing the hidden emoticons on your Skype. Make a trial by using some codes like (call) to show the call emoticon or (punch) to show the punch emoticon.

Recent Message Edit Trick

The recent message edit trick becomes the next Skype text tricks to try. It is really helpful when you make a mistake in typing conversation with the other users. If you use Skype on your personal computer, you can click right to see some message commands like copy message, edit, and remove message. Copy the wrong text then click right to edit according to your need.

Text Formatting Trick

Text formatting is the last Skype text tricks that you should do. It is because Skype does not give text format like italic and bold. Use the “_” symbol to create an italic word or phrase. While for the bold word, you can use *asterisks*.  This is very easy to do right? So try out all of the Skype text tricks on your mobile or PC.

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