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Best Pro Teams in League of Legends

Children, adolescents, and adults tend to play various computer games, however, League of Legends is known to be the most popular one. Millions of people play this game every day, and some of them even do that professionally. In fact, League of Legends also refers to cybersport as its developers organize annual tournaments for professional teams.

League of Legends World Championship

The world’s best-known tournament in cybersport is organized by the Riot Games studio. This competition is the world championship that is gathering teams of professional players of the League of Legends game. It is held annually and each time it occurs in a different part of the world.

Like any tournament, the League of Legends World Championship includes several preparation steps. One of those is the qualification round where teams of professional players are selected to participate in the annual championship.

As League of Legends refers to cybersport, there are professional leagues of players in various countries. Each of those leagues comprises numerous teams of players that compete with each other on the regional level. As a result, they have rankings within the local leagues based on which the selection to the world championships is made. For instance, the teams with the highest scores in the European League get the chance to participate in the main League of Legends world tournament.

Once the teams from various professional leagues in different geographical regions are selected, the championship starts. The rules may slightly change from one year to another, though teams usually tend to compete in rounds and then the best ones go to the playoff. Each year, the prize fund is divided between the winner of the tournament, the team that takes the second prize, and semi-finalists.

Best professional teams

The League of Legends world championships gathers many teams of talented players every year. Even though some teams become winners and others do not, all the players are extremely experienced.


This team of players is relatively new as it was formed only in 2017 in South Korea. Recently, its name has been changed to the DWG KIA and refers to a large car manufacturer in the country. This team has become very popular as it has won the annual world tournament held in China in 2020.

Invictus Gaming

Another popular League of Legends professional team is called Invictus Gaming. It is actually the strongest and the most powerful team of professional players in China. Moreover, Invictus Gaming has recently been taking high positions on the League of Legends world championship. Thus, its players have won the tournament in 2018 and were participating in the semifinal of the world championship in 2019.

G2 Esports

In fact, this team is considered to be one of the greatest cybersports squads ever. Even though it has not won any of the recent tournaments, it continuously shows amazing results in the League of Legends World Championship over the last several years. G2 Esports took second prize in 2019 and was a semifinalist in 2018 and 2020. This cybersport organization is based in Berlin and primarily comprises players from Europe.


This is another e-sports team established and developed in South Korea. In fact, T1 and DAMWON Gaming squads are competitors within the regional league comprising local teams that compete with each other. However, compared to DAMWON Gaming, the T1 cybersport team was more powerful several years ago. It won the main League of Legends World Championship three times – in 2013, 2015, and 2016 years. It took the second prize of the tournament the consecutive year, while it was left behind in the semifinals in 2019.


Similar to the G2 Sports organization, Fnatic is also headquartered in Europe, particularly in London. However, compared to G2 Sports, this cybersport structure has lots of players from outside of Europe.

Fnatic was once the winner of the League of Legends World Championship in 2011 and also took the second prize several years later. It also comprises multiple teams that successfully participate in various cybersport competitions other than that dedicated to League of Legends. Its professional players also take part in Dota 2, FIFA, Heroes of Storm, and Valorant world championships.

FunPlus Phoenix

This organization is relatively new as it started to participate in League of Legends tournaments in 2017. Several years ago, it even managed to win the world championship held in Europe in 2019. The team comprises several professional players from China who are highly experienced when it comes to the League of Legends gameplay.

Mastering skills in League of Legends

If you also want to become a professional player and participate in the cybersport world tournaments, there is a long way to go. However, with the help of regular practicing and Elo boosting gaining the desired results in League of Legends is possible.

Samsung Tips and Trick for Galaxy S10

Samsung Tips

For those who already bought the latest Samsung flagship like Galaxy S10, which feature you like so far? This rich feature of smartphone one of the choices you must have. It’s because Galaxy S10 has some plus specs like a stunning 6.1 in curved-edge display and 16MP ultra-wide camera. Not only that, there are also Samsung tips and trick for Galaxy S10 you might don’t know. It’s worth knowing because something may happen latter on. Therefore, find out what you can do with this smartphone below.

Make Battery Stay Longer

Battery becomes one of the most discussed by gadget lovers. Whether it’s easily damaged or does not work properly. No wonder there are many people want to know how to extend battery life. Well, if you use Galaxy S10, you will get an impressive battery stamina. There is a trick you can do Settings-> Device Maintenance-> and Battery. In this section, you can choose the Power mode. In addition, you can suppress the use of batteries in order to know what makes battery run out quickly. This is the number one of Samsung tips and trick to try.

Customize Quick Setting

In general, we have to pull down if you want to see shade notifications from active applications. This might be your fastest setting. But apparently not everything can appear in that section. Because of this, you can easily open other applications by tapping three vertical dots on the top right. Then, there will be a sequence of buttons to choose. A Power Saver is one that needs to be activated in the status bar.

Hiding the Sensitive Files

Everyone certainly wants to make the data on their phone privately. Whether it’s an old photo or something you don’t want to be appeared on phone. You might be looking for Samsung tips to hide the sensitive files on your Galaxy S10. Don’t be confused anymore because of there is an easy way to try. You just need to drag the notification shade. After that, tap the Safe Folder icon in the quick setting. Then if you already set up Samsung account, you can have a safe folder. You can access it using your fingerprint, PIN, and pattern.

Take a Screenshot

Take a screenshot becomes the number four of Samsung tips you should know. The method often used for screenshots is to press volume and power together. Yes, this can also be done on your Galaxy S10. But this will be a little difficult and hassle. You can make it simpler by swiping your palm on the screen. Open the settings, advanced features, movements, as well as a sweep of your palm.

Avoiding Noises

when dealing with the sound of a smartphone, there are those who consider it normal to be disturbed. If you use Galaxy S10, you will make a sound every time you touch it. This will certainly disturb you and other people. Even this can also reduce your battery life. So, it’s better to avoid unnecessary sounds by customizing sound. Open Setting, Sound and Vibration, System Sound and Vibration, then turn off some are not needed.…

How to Make Your S7 Edge Wallpaper Looks Better?

S7 Edge Wallpaper

Changing or setting your S7 Edge wallpaper into multiple is very common. Why don’t you try to make something different for your phone’s display? There are some ideas which are waiting for you to execute here. Don’t let your S7 Edge wallpaper turns into an old look phone. Be more creative to change your screen becomes more eye catching. Use the two ideas of how to make your S7 Edge wallpaper looks better below.

Download Awesome Wallpaper

The simplest way to make your S7 Edge wallpaper looks good is by downloading awesome wallpapers. We already know that the default wallpapers are so simple and unattractive. You can download the better version of wallpaper from websites. I’m going to suggest where you should download awesome wallpapers. The frist place is going to Pinterest. No need to wonder anymore  that there are many creative people on Pinterest. You can download their creation of S7 Edge wallpapers to set on your phone. For more categories, you can go to the Wallpaperscraft’s website. There are thousands awesome wallpapers with High Quality Definition.

Create Your Own Wallpaper

The next idea to make your phone display looks better is by creating your own S7 Edge wallpaper. Utilize phone applications such as Picsart or Photoshop to draw anything you want. You can take a picture of scenery somewhere you ever visited and add the filter.  Make a combination by adding quotation on the wallpaper you have. Don’t forget to choose the High quality resolution so that it will be not crack on your screen.

Set Live Wallpaper

Live wallpaper is the best solution for your S7 Edge Wallpaper. It is more attractive because the picture moves. You can download through playstore or websites on the internet such as Livewallpapers. There are many wallpaper genres which are so interactive for your screen.…

Simple Skype Text Tricks to Try at Home

Skype Text Tricks

Texting activities become easier to do nowadays. No need to use balance anymore because it only needs the internet connection . There are platforms to download such as Skype. Although it is an old platform, Skype is still used by some of people.If you are the Skype users, you can try some simple Skype text tricks to make your chatting becomes more attractive. See all of the  Skype text tricks below.

Font Changing Trick

The number one of Skype text tricks is font changing. It is a good choice if you are bored with normal fonts for chatting. Customize your font by opening the Tools on Skype. There will be an Option to choose then  click IMS and IMS Appearance to change your font. You can see many fonts including the style and size.

Emoticon Trick

Emoticon is one of the reason why this platform becomes unattractive to use.There are few emoticons which also limit the users in getting a fun chatting. But you can try the second Skype text trick by appearing the hidden emoticons on your Skype. Make a trial by using some codes like (call) to show the call emoticon or (punch) to show the punch emoticon.

Recent Message Edit Trick

The recent message edit trick becomes the next Skype text tricks to try. It is really helpful when you make a mistake in typing conversation with the other users. If you use Skype on your personal computer, you can click right to see some message commands like copy message, edit, and remove message. Copy the wrong text then click right to edit according to your need.

Text Formatting Trick

Text formatting is the last Skype text tricks that you should do. It is because Skype does not give text format like italic and bold. Use the “_” symbol to create an italic word or phrase. While for the bold word, you can use *asterisks*.  This is very easy to do right? So try out all of the Skype text tricks on your mobile or PC.

How to Set S7 Wallpaper in Multiple

S7 Wallpaper

Using normal single wallpaper for your smartphones is kind of boring. It is because it makes them become very ordinary even though they are high-end smartphones. Samsung is one of the companies which offers elegant smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S7. If you want to make it looks better, you can set your S7 wallpaper in multiple. It is one of the tricks for you to get a different display because it will change its wallpapers at anytime you open your phone. If you are newbies for this, you can follow the steps how to set your S7 wallpaper in multiple below.

Open the Wallpaper Setting

The first step you need to do to set your S7 wallpaper in multiple is by opening the wallpaper setting. Firstly, go to the home screen of your phone, then click the setting menu. There are many choices on the setting but click wallpaper to do the next steps.

Choose for Home screen or Lock screen

After you enter the wallpaper setting, you can choose one of the choices to set your S7 wallpaper in multiple. There are home screen, lock screen, and both of home and locks screens at the top left of your smartphone. Choose one or both of them that you think it is good to set on your smartphone.

Mark Some Photos You Want

Next step for you to do is click the “from gallery” at the bottom left on the screen. After you already choose the home screen or lock screen. It is the time for you to go to your gallery. There must be bunch of the photos you have. But to set S7 wallpaper in multiple, you have to mark some photos you want. You can mark photos up to 30 for your wallpapers. But if you think it is too many, just pick some of them.

Tap Done

The last step you need to do in setting your S7 wallpaper in multiple is by tapping “Done” at the top right at your screen. After that back to your phone’s home screen and see what happens to your S7 wallpaper.…

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