Five Main Differences Between PS3 Slim and The Old PlayStation 3

You are probably reading this article because you are considering whether to buy PlayStation 3 slim or stick with your old PlayStation 3 console (if you have got one).

In this article I will be highlighting five main differences between the two consoles.

Console Size

The newer version of the PlayStation 3 console has notably changed to a slimmer and smaller design (hence the name slim).

The Slim console has got the following dimensions: height 29 centimeters, width 29 centimeters and weighs just over 7 pounds. In addition the console has got a nice Matty finish in comparison to the old glossy style of the previous boxes.

Third-Party Software

The ability to install third-party software such as Linux has been taken away in the slim version of the box, however most users might not find a need for this.

Games Compatibility

Like other PS3 models, the PS3 slim console is not compatible for playing PS2 games. This may help make up your mind especially if you have a lot of old PlayStation 2 games that you still love to play.

Hard Drives

The advent of the PS3 Slim console brought about an increase in the size of the hard drive from 80GB in the old style PlayStation 3 to about 320GB (depending on the package). These hard drives are removable which is an added bonus.

In addition a number of new features were introduced such as Blu-ray disc player which allows you to play Blu-ray movies and high quality graphics for your games among others.

Energy Efficiency

Alongside the new features added to the console, the PlayStation 3 Slim is designed to be more energy-efficient, than it’s predecessors. The console now makes use of a 250-watt power supply in comparison to the older PlayStation 3’s 280-watt supply and can be charged via a USB.


In summary you are better off buying PlayStation 3 slim if you have owned the old style console for a while or you haven’t owned one at all. The introduction of the various new features such as Blu-ray disc player, upscaling of old DVDs makes it a worthwhile investment. Compare PS3 console price here.