Employee productivity tracking software has become popular. Many employers use it to run their companies. smoothly. But which software is best for you in 2024? There are so many options available in the market. Don’t be confused. We have the top picks for you in this article.

5 Top Employee Productivity Tracking Software In 2024


It is one of the best employee productivity monitoring software. Companies can record the screen of the employees using it. This tool can also give a detailed report of the employee performances. The remote PC monitoring software¬† also monitors the keystrokes and the file transfer. People who work from home can stop being monitored during breaks or time off so that the software doesn’t collect personal information about those workers.


Lystloc is real-time software that lets you track the productivity of your field workers based on their location. It helps your company handle its field workers better. It makes it easy to keep track of your workers’ daily tasks and work statuses and see where they are at all times. Lystloc lets you track the work that each person on your team does outside of work. The software also has many other valuable features, such as field attendance, location mapping, meeting check-in/out, customer details management, trip reimbursement, and probably a lot more. It can also automatically analyze all the data and send customized e-reports.


It is a cloud-based workforce productivity software. It has almost all the features you need to monitor your employees’ work, performance, output, workload distribution, and goals. ActivTrak helps find areas for improvement because it has a lot of data and reporting tools. It means you can use different strategies to make your employees more productive and give them a chance to be engaged in a way that lasts and doesn’t act like hidden malware.


Twib is software that business owners and sales managers use to monitor their field workers and report on sales. This software for tracking employee output comes with a web-based admin panel that uses GPS to show where field sales employees are at all times. From this panel, you can monitor your sales team’s daily activities by collecting accurate data and managing daily sales reports. Twib can help your sales staff track in-person visits and get reports on them. Twib lets your salespeople take pictures and share them while also entering data about actual sales activities from wherever they are using GPS.


faceTime is mobile software for managing workers that lets you keep track of their attendance and work hours. This software works like a punch clock and keeps track of workers’ attendance, where they work, and how long they are on the job. Using GPS technology, this program pretty much verifies every trip you take outside of work. You can set workers’ paychecks based on their factoTime attendance while auto-calculating their salaries and processing their payroll.


The top software solutions we’ve chosen not only make work more efficient but also encourage openness and responsibility. It is very important in today’s hybrid and online workplaces. Companies are constantly having to change how they do things. Getting the right productivity tracking software can help them be more efficient. It can also handle projects better, and keep their employees more interested in their work.