What a Sager NP8690 Gaming Laptop Can Do

The Sager NP8690 gaming laptop is a personal computer specifically designed to process the tremendous of data required in order to play massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs) and other games online. As computer based games like MMORPGs have evolved, the detailed and faced paced graphics they use have come to need more central processing unit (CPU) speed and more memory in order to run. This machine has the fastest CPU and high quality video card that are available. These components mean that there will be less lag time there between the times of the gamers’ input and this action is transferred to the display. During these high tech games a split second can mean the difference between a win or a loss.

Unlike most other home applications, the Sager NP8690 gaming laptop has much more random access memory (RAM). More RAM allows it to more rapidly allow the CPU to access the information that is held in storage more often which is necessary for successful gaming. This PC also has many universal serial bus (USB) ports that can be attached to peripheral game controllers like aircraft yokes, joysticks, and steering wheels. These USB ports are on the front of the PC allow easy and quick access to make changes of peripheral equipment.

Because clear audio and sharp, crisp video are both very important features of gaming the Sager NP8690 gaming laptop ha the best sound and graphics cards. The technology has advanced so much recently that in order for the serious gamer to be competitive, the sound and graphics must be able to handle real time and life like images. This PC has high quality stereo speakers and display.

The Sager NP8690 gaming laptop also has other highly specialized input peripheral including the keyboard, which is usually taken for granted. There are many gamers who want to play games in a room that has low light or even in total darkness. As a result of this need, the back lit gaming keyboard was created and has become increasing popular. This specially made keyboard that was designed for the gaming machine has hot keys which consolidate the complex gaming commands that are often used into single keystrokes. This keyboard that will emit a soft blue light so that the keys can be seen in the dark was designed to sharpen the gamer’s reflexes and to make him more efficient.