What a Social Media Consultant Can Bring to Your Business

Ok so we all know that social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube are all free, so why the hell would we pay someone to come and set them up for us? Social media consultants can be of great value for some companies and we are going to tell you why.

What companies should consider using a consultant?

Obviously if the managing directors, managers etc are of the generations which grew up with the likes of MySpace and Facebook then using a SM consultant is probably not that necessary, unless of course you did not have access to the internet during your youth. Business which will get the most out of employing an expert are those who have no prior experience with these different platform, especially those who have only ever run an offline company and are not trying to build themselves an online presence.

What do they know that I do not?

Someone who is an expert in SM will be able to teach you tricks of the trade that you will not be able to read in a ‘social media for beginners’. These people will have interacted with these platforms on a daily basis for years and will have gained an expert knowledge from years of trial and error.

Are they worth my money?

A social media campaign is only worth doing if you are going to do it well. If you start a campaign and fail miserably, lose interest after a couple of days or publicly embarrass yourself and your company due to some misspelt/misunderstood ‘tweet’ you would have don’t better just to leave the whole idea alone. Social media is now one of the most popular routes to market and if it requires you to pay someone to reap the benefits of the online market place then yes they will be worth your money.

If you’re looking for a good social media consultant, Leicester is a fantastic place to start. This multi-cultural city has fast become the hub of the internet marketing scene.