What to Ask Your Domestic Assault Lawyer Toronto

Facing false domestic violence charges can be frustrating. You will feel low and want to talk to someone at these times, but you might not know whom to turn to. Domestic violence cases can make you lose your family and home, or even capital. It is at this point you need the expertise of a domestic assault lawyer in Toronto.

Getting a domestic violence lawyer to help you fight for your case is the best thing to do. They have experience with these cases and know the law better. However, before hiring a domestic assault lawyer, ensure you ask them these questions to gauge their capabilities.

  1. How Much Experience Does The Lawyer Have With This Case?

Nothing beats experience in the legal field. The number of years the attorney has practiced law, and especially in your type of case matters. If the attorney has plenty of expertise in other areas, they might not be of much help. Dealing with domestic violence cases enables the attorney to know what actions to take. You will save your time and spend less money.

  1. Have They Succeeded In These Cases?

Handling domestic violence cases is one thing and succeeding in them is another. Before choosing an attorney because of their many years of experience, ask them about the success rate. This does not guarantee that you will pass in your case, but it shows the potential of doing well.

  1. What Do They Think The Outcome Will Be?

Although your domestic assault lawyer Toronto cannot be accurate, he/she can predict what he thinks the outcome will be. They have dealt with many domestic cases and already know the trend. This also helps you to manage your expectations. However, despite his assurance on winning the case, you are not supposed to be overconfident.

  1. Can You Get Other Alternatives Rather Than Trials?

Trials are not the best processes to go through, and most people will want to get an alternative for that. Ask the attorney if you can negotiate or do plea deals. Let them tell you all the options you have and the consequences of each if there are any.

  1. How Much Will the Domestic Assault Lawyer Toronto Charge You?

Ask about their rates at the start, even before doing anything. Also, get to know how the attorney wants to be paid. Let them tell you if they are charging an hourly rate or if they want a flat fee. Knowing this before you begin looking at the case will help you make sure you can afford the domestic assault lawyer Toronto.

  1. How Long The Case Will Take

Again, this will be an estimation. Cases can be mentally and financially draining, and knowing how long your case will take helps you psychologically prepare yourself. Being accused falsely of domestic violence can also take away your relationship with your family, and even the closest people will not believe you. This can take a toll on your mental health.

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