Creating a Buzz Around Your Business With Social Media

Creating a Buzz Around Your Business With Social Media

Imagine yourself at a family gathering. Your guests are asking you for the recipe of that delicious cheesecake you served earlier and the conversation changes to the price of strawberries in the winter. Now you’re chatting about sustainable living, because if you had a vegetable garden… it wouldn’t matter how much strawberries cost in a grocery store. What does Social Media have to do with the price of strawberries in the winter?

If you can imagine yourself in a real life situation then you can take that same (almost) situation and put yourself into a “virtual situation”. Our kids have been doing it for years! You are online, in a chatroom discussing the price of strawberries, or not… and your “virtual guests” (people you really don’t know) will chime in to give you their opinion on where you can buy strawberries on sale. They’ll even tell you where you can find an honest plumber or which small business has the biggest bang for your buck in the town you live in.

Why on earth do you care about virtual social media people in a virtual social media world? Because these people are CONSUMERS! Word-of-mouth is the driving force behind sales! These consumers are having conversations and trading stories about your products and services! They are giving businesses free referrals and driving huge amounts of traffic to their websites! Millions of people now go online to ask questions, search for buying tips and to find referrals! I have been doing this for years!

There is a social media frenzy going on and you must get in the game! It’s time to engage your customers! There are hundreds of social media sites that are free to join like Live Journal, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter just to name a few.

Feeling lazy about the whole process? I’ll help you get the ball rolling in a few hours. Every day that slips by can be a consumer going to the guy down the street.

If you live in Florida and are on the east coast between Ft. Lauderdale and Melbourne, I am available to train your staff at your place of business.

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