Facebook Friends – 5 Easy Steps to Grow Your Friends List on Facebook

Social media is effective, it works and does not cost anything. So, definitely worth investing some time and efforts into it. The most popular site on the whole world wide web is Facebook.

People on a Facebook are dealing with people – so its worth knowing that simple ways of communication, like rumours, fun, photos, links, etc. work very well. There are a few simple steps on how to grow your Facebook friends list in a simple and fast way.

STEP ONE: create a personal profile of who you want your Facebook friends to see – a lawyer, consultant, property professional or simply a joyful and positive person. If you want to be seen as a professional, from time to time provide your Facebook friends with quality information, show them how they would benefit from dealing with you.

You might want to post pictures of family, to tell everyone what a fantastic weekend away you had. People will identify with you and will want to know more. Be nice, consistent, proactive and responsive, comment on your Facebook friends pictures, on their posts, links and photos.

STEP TWO: Identify Your target market or niche and join different pages and groups within that target market or group – it might be geographical, might be gender oriented, etc. Search for groups that have specific words in them: interior, website, model agency, etc.

As I live in Ireland, I will give a few examples: Ashford castle fans page, Dramoland castle fan page – those people most likely visited place at least once and guess what – those are expensive places to stay, so visitors might have money for your product or service as well. Blackrock town near Dublin has even 2 groups created. There are some fun groups, like “I’m from Ireland, but more importantly I am from Dublin” – most of people in this group are from Dublin – 32.000 members and growing – what a fantastic place to get new Facebook friends and followers that live in the neighbourhood.

STEP THREE: leave posts on those groups and pages walls. Do not advertise, write something interesting and catchy, then people will get interested in you, will go to your profile and will add you as their Facebook friend, also they will look through your profile, will visit your website – this is a free traffic for your business.

STEP FOUR: Join as many groups as you can. You can be a member of 300 groups and 300 pages on Facebook. Alternatively you can also visit your target groups and pages, look through people’s profiles and add them as a friend. That is effective, but more time consuming.

STEP FIVE: Interact with your new friends. Add a personal welcome message once they join you as your new Facebook friend on the site. Send an email telling them what your interests are. Look through their profile and wall and make comments on their posts or links.

Facebook is currently No.1 website on the internet in most countries with Google being the most popular search engine. So, best of luck with growing your Facebook friends list – a great potential in promoting your business through this powerful social media site. Have fun and enjoy!