The Peer Society – How We Now Control What People Buy

Did you ever hear how in the old days if you wanted something you talked to a guy who knew a guy who knew a guy and that is how you got what you needed. I think we have not changed much since then, just the means of how we do this.

Today’s society is based around forums, chats, and commenting. Social networking works best when it is a two way street where someone will discuss a process or reveal some great secret and then the cool part begins as people begin to respond by commenting on their interpretation of how the process works. The best part is that people talking back and forth create even more ideas that will eventually allow companies to thrive as people discuss the best products and services to use, and why they like one choice over another. Free advertising and referrals at a whole new level.

Additionally, for businesses, consumers are more likely to use peer reviews when checking out a product or service then they will with an established organizations review. Why? There is no manipulation of facts, just pure information that can help you make an educated decision on a product.

What does that mean that companies should be doing if they are solely reliant on customer review? First, they must get in on the conversation, particularly on social networks where people talk the most. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube are no longer optional reading about your business. They are necessary for you to understand what people are saying about your business and your brand. Now it is not your job to start deleting items that you do not like. Instead, provide people with reliable information about how your product or service actually works and examples of this.

Second, start collecting video and written testimonials from customers. Let’s be honest, it does not matter what you do, you can always get a few negative responses. On the other side, having people who have actually used your services for good will be a great way to reverse any negative comments online. Better to be prepared for any situation.

The notion of peer review is huge to your business, because people that you might not know will build or destroy your business whether you like it or not. Additionally, joining the conversation will allow you to be closer to your customers in order to build not only long lasting relationships with them, but also be able to peek into their network to also build your business with their social network as well.