MW2 Equipment Uses

Throwing Knife

Best thing about these is that if you do hit an enemy your guaranteed a kill, worse thing is they’re hard to aim.

Tactical Insertion

Tactical Insertions are basically a flare that marks where you respawn. They don’t work in Search and Destroy. Mostly used by campers or snipers. Especially handy in Headquarters. Beware of Sit-rep. Enemy flares are red, friendly flares are green.

Blast Shield

Never really use these personally their are just to many good choices to replace. Basically just decreases enemies grenades, claymores or launchers


They don’t seem as good as the claymores in Modern Warfare 4, either everyone is watching out for them or their easier to see. They come in handy if your sniping or there’s a surprise around a corner.


Another explosive that doesn’t seem to be used much. I’ve had my share of deaths via C4, but not many. The problem is the remote detonation. This causes the trap layer to be in close proximity to the C4. Seems like it would just be easier to shoot them.

Stun Grenades

Basically just stuns the enemy so you can fill them full of bullets, but be careful not to be too close or you will end up stunning yourself too. They also disable claymore’s and sentry guns for a short period of time giving you the chance to run past or destroy it.

Flash Grenades

They are pretty much like stun grenades.

Smoke Grenades

They are a very useful for cover and getting past pesky snipers. Sentry guns also cant see you through the smoke giving you the chance to run up and destroy it but enemies with a thermal scope can.

Frag Grenades

Frags are excellent for multiplayer games. They are very useful for throwing into a room where you know the enemy are hiding. You will want to cook the grenade to increase kill percentage. Cooking the grenade gives the enemy less time to run away. A handy technique is to throw a grenade beside a vehicle where you think an enemy might be hiding not giving them a chance.


Semtex is pretty much a sticky grenade. They don’t bounce like a frag and stick to about anything even teammates or enemies. They beep unlike a frag and can come in real useful especially up against those pesky riot shields. You could stick it to a friend and get him to run into a group of enemies but its hard to do. It would be useful in HQ, Domination or Search and Destroy.