Samsung becomes one of the big companies that has produced quality tablets. There are many products that have been released including Galaxy TabA10.1. Even though it has solid performance, but there will be issues appear. How to fix Samsung tablet screen flickering becomes one of the questions from the users. It’s definitely unpleasant when the tablet screen has annoying lines. Therefore, if one day you experience it, you can try several ways below.

Factory Reset

Factory reset becomes the first way how to fix Samsung tablet screen flickering. But you should backup your data before proceeding. It’s because this way will bring your table back to when the first time you buy. What you should do first is turn off the tablet. Then press and hold the Home key and Volume Up key. After that, do the same but only on the Power key. When the device logo appears, release the Power key only. Then if the Android logo appears, you can release all the keys. Once you have done it, you need to press Volume down key several times, Power button to select, Volume down key, Power button to select and start the master reset.

Soft Reset

Refreshing the tablet is necessary if the data you save is corrupt. Many people surely have experienced this problem. Yes, we don’t even know what the main cause is. But this can result flickering screen which is very annoying. So, the second solution how to fix Samsung tablet screen flickering to try is soft reset. This is highly recommended for those who experience small software errors. This is very easy to do because you just need to press and hold the power button and the volume down. It only takes about 45 seconds. After that, wait for the device to restart.

Safe Mode

Safe mode becomes the third way how to fix Samsung tablet screen. But before knowing the steps, you need to know if the downloaded application can cause a broken screen. Even though you download from the credible Google Play Store, there will be still bad possibilities. Bugs and incompatible applications are examples of the possibility. Based on this issue, you can perform safe mode. This is because in this mode, pre-installed applications are allowed to run.

Then what you should do is turn off the device. After that, you can press and hold the Power button across the screen. When “Samsung” displays on the screen, you can release the Power button. After releasing the button, continue to press and hold the Volume down. Then wait it until the device finishes restarting. If you follow all these steps properly, you will see the safe mode in the left corner of the screen.

Clean the Cache

The last way how to fix Samsung tablet screen is clean the cache. There are times if your data cache system is damaged. This can trigger screen flickering. Therefore, you can start to clean up the data in the tablet. Go To Setting, click Clear Cache, then click Yes.