The amazing design and the best specifications are the reasons why people use Samsung. This brand is like a leader in the Android mobile market. Samsung S9 becomes one of the most wanted last year. But cool specifications will be incomplete without the best apps for Samsung S9. Therefore, make your smartphone more interesting and useful. You can download some recommendations below.

Tiny Scanner

For those entrepreneurs, you need to have a Tiny Scanner. It’s because can be portable on your smartphone. You do not need to bring another scanner anywhere. Scanning any type of document can be easier. Yeah, this is the first number of recommendations for best apps for Samsung S9 to download. There are two formats that you can choose in PDF or image. Not only that, this application also has a scanning feature from black, white, and others. You will really find it helpful to save, manage and edit documents.


Augment is the second recommendation from the best apps for Samsung S9. This is also suitable for entrepreneurs who do selling and marketing. By using this application, you can do some sales activities easily. Visualize the product in 3D animation becomes one of the great examples. In addition, you can also move products from one place to another easily. You can even do office presentations.


Reading is a habit of almost everyone in this world. Especially with today’s technological sophistication. Finding any information becomes way easier. You can find anything you want to read through your Samsung S9. But sometimes we find it difficult to filter the information. Therefore, you can download Feedly on your smartphone. For those who don’t know yet, this apps will provide topic based on your interests. Whether it’s from magazines, blogs or other channels, you can read it easily. This is not only suitable for professionals but students as well. You can improve insight about anything in this world in just one hand.

Google Duo

Google Duo becomes the number four of best apps for Samsung S9. If we previously focused on more complicated applications, we move to everyday needs. Maybe you are not aware if video call can be useful for communication. Whether it’s business partners, family, and friends. If the quality image is not good and the network breaks frequently, this will be very annoying. Therefore, you can download Google Duo on your phone. This is a very simple application because you only need to make one tap. There is a unique feature that you will get in using Google Duo namely Duo Tap. This will help you directly to see the person whom you are calling. Besides, you can make audio calls only too. It can be adjusted to your needs and the people you call.


USB cable becomes one of the things we must be carried anywhere. This is because needed to transfer files from mobile to PC. But on the other hand, this is very troublesome for us. Maybe you have been looking for what is the right solution for this problem. Well, Xender is in PlayStore to help you transfer files easier even without internet data.