What problems often occur so far in using your Samsung phone? Surely you have already experienced from a broken charger cable to have a factory reset. But although you can do it alone, there are stiil many who can’t do a factory reset Samsung phone. If you are one of them, you probably need to know why you cannot do it on your phones. But there are actually many reasons why. Software, hardware, and even IC EMMC can be one of them. But now we are focusing on the cause of IC EMMC.

For those who had never hear it before, this article will give a short explanation. IC EMMC itself is the internal memory where you save all the data.  There are some important data on this IC EMMC such as Recovery, Operation System, Bootloader, dan others. If you want to know the signs of your IC EMMC damages, you can look at some points below.

System Application Error

System Application error becomes the first thing that can cause IC EMMC damages and factory reset failed. If you ever found a message “unfortunately the application has stopped, you must be suspicious. This is a reminder that something happens to your EMMC IC. This is a sign that EMMC has begun to weaken and is difficult to overcome. If you perform flashing, you will experience bootloop or end at just the boot logo.

Often Fail When Flashing

The next cause you can’t do factory Reset Samsung Phone is often fail when flashing. In line the previous point, this process is kind of waste because EMMC has weakened. In detail, this is the process of installing a new operating system from the old one which was error. But it’s not always success even sometimes smartphones still experience errors.

Upgrade Failure

Besides flashing, upgrade failure also becomes a sign that the EMMC is weak. There are actually two media which are Nand Flash and Nand Flash Controllers. Deleting and writing data on the OS partition is all you have to do. But if one of them is broken, then the process of writing ROM to Nand flash might fail.


Did you ever hear about hardbrick before? Yeah, this is the most fatal. In this situation, your phone is totally dead. It means that your phone cannot be revived. Changing EMMC is the only way you can do. You need to buy a new one to turn the phone back on. But you have to think about it twice. This is because the price of EMMC is quite expensive. This even can be half price of your smartphone.

After reading a few points above, you can find out the symptoms why finally you cannot do a factory reset Samsung phone. If you experience one of them, you must take quick action. Don’t be panic and take the wrong action. Calm down first then look for what is the right solution. But if that doesn’t work, you will eventually have to go to a service centre.