Forgetting password becomes the most problem occurs. No wonder that people try they to find ways to open their smartphone. Well, unlocking is the only way you must do now. We will discuss how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. There will be some different ways you can learn. It’s because there are still some possibilities besides forgetting the password. If you face some difficulties later on, you can apply one of these ways.

Purchase a Software

Purchase a software is the first way to unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. You can download software from the website that will be saved on the computer. After that, you need to connect to your device using USB. This will make your operating system work with any operator. But on the other hand, we are also not sure about its security. So, it can be said that this method doesn’t really effective to try. This is because we do not know about the origin contained in the software.

Try Hardware Unlocking

If you are unsure in buying software, you can try hardware unlocking. This is the second way how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. But this will be more difficult because you need to disassemble your phone. Not only that, you will also lose the warranty. Just imagine that you unpacked your phone without experience. As we know, this requires special expertise to unlock phone. Moreover, this is for the sake of replacing software. You really have to own that kind of ability.

Then for the matter of warranty, surely you will lose it. If you submit a service to the Samsung Centre, the technician will certainly check the inside of your phone. They will find out if you have unpacked the phone and software. As a result, the service centre will cancel the warranty. Based on this case, is it safe to do hardware unlocking? The answer is no. This is because you have very clearly lost your warranty and the risk is enormous. But if you are phone technician and have experience, you can do it.

Try IMEI Unlocking

The next way how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is IMEI and Networking Unlocking. Unlike the previous method, this third method is better. This is because safer by using code. However, one thing you must remember is find a company that has a good reputation. This is because there are many scammy websites that aim for fraud. This is the weakness of this third method you should know.

Therefore, you have to find the right service first. Of course, you will need to pay for online services to get the code. But this is the only way you can do. There are many places you must observe first for IMEI services. This is an easier method compared to the previous methods. This IMEI number will help you precisely because it has information about your phone. Whether it’s colour, year of manufacture, model, as well as locked operator. So far, do you want to try it?