Facebook Ad Tip: Reasons For Fans And Followers To Stop

Social media sites are a hit for internet marketing that many businesses already put their pages up on these sites. One of the most popular social media sites is Facebook.

You can actually advertise your own business and website on Facebook using Fanpages. It’s very simple, you just get people to like your page and remain as your fans.

Your Facebook Fanpage relies on your fans for success not only in patronage but also in increasing traffic to your website. The fans spread the word about your page and your website so you have to maintain them as much as possible.

Getting fans shouldn’t be your only concern in maintaining your page on Facebook. You also have to think of keeping them as fans and followers of your page.

And yes, they do have the ability to click “Unlike” on your page and stop following you for different reasons. Wonder why they stop following you on Facebook?

It’s because of your double posts. Don’t forget that your Facebook fans are also your friends.

These are real people who expect you to be real and not automated. When they notice that you keep posting the same thing about links to your stuff (especially ones that you’re selling), it annoys them a lot.

Sometimes these people don’t want you appearing twice on their feed talking about the same thing. Try posting once in a way that will catch their attention instead of posting it twice because you think it will draw their attention.

If double posts annoy them, multi-posts will drive them to really “unlike” your page. There is a right time and place for posting and at the right amount; which is only ONCE.

If you’re aiming for emphasis, repeating your posts over and over will not do you good. It clogs their news feeds which can get really annoying for the user.

Rather aim for really attractive content and posts that will get them to visit your website or heed to your calls of action.

Posting on your profile to ask for fans and repeating it. That’s drawing too much attention to you which is again very annoying for Facebook users.

It will make you appear too narcissistic or desperate to get fans to like your page. That irks people to the point that they will surely hit the “unlike” button and never hear from you again.

If you treat some fans wrongly or say really mean things to them, then that could make you lose some fans. This can project an entirely bad attitude towards others which you should avoid from doing.

It can ruin your reputation and your business for that matter. If they dismiss you on your own page, then don’t retaliate; instead keep quiet.