Deciding Between the Two Good Gaming Laptops on the Market

When you are out shopping for computers, you will see that they are often put into different categories that they are built specifically for. Gaming is no different and since it is more popular than ever, there are plenty of good gaming laptops to choose from. Two of the more popular and most affordable laptops are from Alienware and Sony.

Alienware is the big gaming company out of these two and has machines up and down in price points that will do just about anything that you want. The Area-51 M15x sells for about $1,200 and has a 2.8 GHz processor and 4GB RAM already installed in the machine. This translates to about 150 MPH when you are playing your games.

If you want to spend more money, Alienware will give you a machine that will pretty much blow everything else out of the water. They are always a good option because regardless of the price point, you are probably getting the best machine available. You can probably go down a level in price and still get a better machine than what you will see from someone else at the next price point.

The closest competitor in this price range would be the Sony VAIO NW180J/S. It actually costs about $200 less than the Alienware, but the technology and performance are not even close. This is no to knock the Sony, but you get so much more bang for your buck out the Alienware laptop that it is hard to pass up.

Just because laptops for gaming are close in price, it does not necessarily mean that they are anywhere near in quality. You have to really check their components and whatever you do, don’t get too loyal to any one brand. If you are a Dell or Sony loyalist, you have no idea what you are missing out on by passing by Alienware.