How to Position Yourself As an Expert in Your Field

Most of us wonder how experts come to be regarded as experts in their field. Is it just publicity or is it something anyone with a business and a plan in place can do? Is there a magical formula for becoming an expert?

If you’ve been looking for the answers to these questions for a while you will find it heartening to know that it is not too difficult to position yourself as an expert in the industry that you belong to. Just follow these simple pointers on how to project yourself as an expert.

To be regarded as an expert, one of the foremost tools that you should use is visibility. Make yourself as visible as possible since as an expert you should be seen everywhere. You should use your networking skills to the hilt and make yourself accessible for answering any questions related to your field. To make yourself visible, you should express your opinions at television and radio shows, community events, online discussion forums and social media sites. You can also write articles for publications that are specific to your field or even write a book to display your mastery.

Whatever methods you use to position yourself as an expert, you should bear in mind that you should not come across as trying to sell your business. You should appear to be educating others through your expert advice and opinions. You can achieve this by holding classes, podcasts, guest lectures, workshops and demonstrations. You can approach your local trade association or even your local university and offer your services as a guest lecturer. Most places welcome the opportunity to host a guest speaker. During your lectures remember you are not trying to sell anything. Once people regard you as an expert they will automatically be drawn to buying your products or services.

Use publicity to your advantage. Market yourself as a brand and make yourself known. Appear as a guest on television and radio talk shows or write a column for your local newspaper.

Once you have positioned yourself as an expert successfully you need to follow a few basic guidelines to sustain the image. You should start by realizing that people look up to you for advice and help so you need to be responsible for what you say. Do not make yourself too easily accessible. If you visit social media sites do not spend too much time on them. Position your viewpoint as an alternative solution that people are free to choose. Do not try to enforce your opinions on people.

Ultimately, you should build up a reputation that sticks with you for life.