PlayStation 3 is Worth Every Penny You Pay For It

The new PlayStation 3 has so many new features and capabilities such as a 60-gigabyte hard drive and true Blu-ray functions which will surely be hard to beat by other gaming consoles. However, not all are convinced that the price you have to pay for PS3 is all worth it.

It was in 1994 when Sony PlayStation first became a dominant force in the gaming industry, which they continued to be, with the release of PlayStation 2 in 2000.

At the start of 2006, Sony announced the arrival of PlayStation 3, which they claim to be the future of video gaming. As soon as its release was announced publicly, people started asking if it really is worth paying the high price. When it was finally launched, people understood what is so exceptional about the PS3.

Blu-ray is available on the new PlayStation 3, which expands its functionality to six times the amount of data transfer compared with non Blu-ray game discs. Great improvement on the quality of the graphics has been noted, which may usher the comeback of old classic video games.

PlayStation fans will surely appreciate the fact that they can play traditional PlayStation games and also PS2 games with the new PS3. A lot of players over use their controllers when playing video games, even if it really does not help their game in any way. The new PS3 design acknowledges this behavior and now has what is called an in-development controller, which has sensors to detect the movements of the gamer during playing. So for example, as one is playing a racing game, and uses the controller to steer the car, PS3 will react accordingly.

It is also possible to download content from the Internet and even play with other gamers online. This network game playing capability, which before, was only possible whenever gamers are online, will surely be appealing to a lot of gamers now.

There is an option to get a base model of PS3 which is cheaper, but has fewer features. A 20 gig model is often priced at $500 while the 60 gig is about $600. Now most PlayStation 3 fanatics will tell you that nothing beats the PS3 as the number one choice for game consoles, despite the hefty price you have to pay for it.

The PlayStation 3 has more advanced features that the first and second PlayStation generations did not have. It may weigh heavier (eleven pounds), but any hardcore gamer will tell you that nothing beats the gaming experience he gets out of the new PS3, making it worth every penny he paid for it.