Blast Caps Business Review – Does Yoli Make The Grade?

This article will review Yoli, now nearly 2 years old and living in Salt Lake City, Utah.

If you are reading this, you are probably considering Yoli as a home business opportunity. With its novel Blast Cap technology, does Yoli make the grade? What do you need to be successful with Yoli? This article will break it down for you and help you with your research.

Background: Founded by former Xango stars, Yoli is steeped in direct marketing experience and knows how to work it well.

Yoli distinguished itself in pre-launch status as taking its Blast Cap technology to market in MLM form. Blast cap patented technology stores the active ingredients separate from liquid, preventing the need for pasteurization and preservatives.

Products: The enclosed cap of the Yoli drinks contains powdered freeze-dried ‘superfruits such as pomegranate, ace, lyceum (goji) as well as other anti-oxidants such as reservatrol and white tea leaf extract. Active enzymes, probiotics and minerals have also been added. Yoli contains no sugar, artificial sweetener or colors and has a low glycemic index rating.

Competition is stiff and includes the likes of Xango and MonaVie. An 18 oz. bottle of Yoli’s first product, The Truth Citrus Health Blast, costs only $3.99. Yoli pricing is competitive.

Compensation: Yoli offers 9 ways to earn with the most lucrative being the hybrid binary network model.

The structure is rather complicated and best reviewed by visiting the Yoli site for schematics. Depending on your rank within the structure, commissions range from 5-10% and can include sales volume generated by a downline recruit recruited by someone in your upline, a departure from traditional MLM models.

Training: Yoli has created a comprehensive training program. It is promoted as a “complete turnkey training system that covers everything from the basics, to social networking, prospecting, recruiting, leadership development, and more.”

Nonetheless, the social media and internet marketing skills do not appear to have the depth that is needed to guide a newcomer to the desired level of success.

Alert! The power of your Yoli business is entirely dependent upon your ability to recruit your downline and get them producing powerfully.

Besides being fully knowledgeable about the expanding Yoli line of nutritional drinks, you must know how to brand yourself to lead and build your business.

Without mastering social media and internet marketing skills, the blast cap technology could be a bust for your home business.

It doesn’t have to be that way. If you connect with an experienced mentor who will give you the tools to learn internet marketing, you can market just about any product successfully, especially Yoli.

Learning the necessary skills to build your Yoli business is the best investment you can make in the long term. Those skills will insure long term success for your home business. Once acquired, Yoli and its blast cap technology stands a strong chance of making the grade and it will be A+.