Simple Traffic Tips To Increase Traffic To Your Websites or Blogs

Simple Traffic Tips To Increase Traffic To Your Websites or Blogs

This is what you should do to increase traffic to your websites or blogs. Often this methods are neglected & forgotten by website owners as they are more likely using other hi-tech ways to increase their traffics.

1. Write a lot of website contents

Writing a lot of contents on your website will surely increase your website traffics. Always write a contents which includes all specific websites keywords. Do a little research online which keywords are more popular to search engine. Bear in mind, always write a quality contents complete with similarity to your websites theme or blogs. Never write a contents about other topic which is not related to your websites theme.

2. Good design & layout

A beautiful, eye-catching websites is more likely to make your visitors to stay longer on your websites.

3. Use your own domains

There is a huge benefits using your own domain name. This will make your website look even more professional & others will easily remembered your domain thus linked back your websites. It’s recommended if your domain names have the similarities to other high traffic website.

4. Utilize the power of social media.

Post your websites links more often to your social media page. Share your websites contents to social media friends list & ask them to share with their friends. This is a good methods as social media is a common interactive medium to reach new visitors.

5. Quick response to others.

Always responses to others peoples e-mails, comments or questions. This is important as a quick responses will make your visitors happy & let them know your website in still running!

6. Interact more often with your visitor.

Ask them anything that will make them reply or add another comment or contents. By doing this, it shows your website is always active & search engine bots is more likely to give a ‘priority rate’ to your website.

7. Learn your website statistics.

See what highly targeted keywords used by your visitor to get to your website. Used the most keywords used by your visitor on your next posting.

8. Update your websites regularly.

Regularly update your websites content, if you can, update it daily. Long paragraph update is not necessary. It’s OK if you just make some changes, even it is only a few words!

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