Tips to Use Social Networks to Brand You and Build Your Business

Tips to Use Social Networks to Brand You and Build Your Business

I’m always excited when I can hear new information and learn new ideas and learning about some of the critical points of building your brand online through Social networks is fun and profitable.

There are some key factors to using Social Networks.

1. When you are setting up your profile a social media network, it’s important that you add your Personal picture to brand you. People want to see the real person behind the name to add credibility to the content provided.

2. It is a good idea to setup a personal account as well as one for your business. Is it necessary? No… it’s simply a good idea. It’s another way to brand you or your business.

3. There are three major networks that you need to be an active part of. They are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

4. It is important that you understand about posting quality information on Twitter and not spamming your list with link after link after link. Like Facebook and LinkedIn, this is your opportunity to let people get to know like and trust you.

5. An area that I’ve used very little in the past is setting up Groups or Fan Pages on Facebook and it is evident that these two resources can be instrumental in building your brand and attracting prospects. There is a difference between Groups and Fan Pages. One of the benefits of setting up a group is that you can invite all your friends to join your group and then you have the ability to send a ‘bulk’ mail to those members. This can be very effective in reaching your right target market with the right information.

6. Video marketing is, as we stress here regularly, critical to your growing success. Can you grow without Video… sure.. and you will grow faster, get ranked sooner and attract the right people to your niche when you add Video to your website. Best practice is to keep your video to under 2 Minutes for more effective listening. It is very important to attach the right keywords and keyword phrases to your Video when uploading to Video Hosting resources such as YouTube and EasyVideoProducer.

This is a great reminder that Social Networks are just that… a place to “Socialize” and meet new people, build new relationships and make new connections.

Social Networks are a place for you to share your thoughts, ideas and attract like minded people who will naturally want to do business with you.

Remember that Social networks are a big resource of people, people who may be interested in what you do, be it socially or in business.

Make some friends, get to know people, ask questions, offer solutions.

Social Media Networks can offer you a boost to your personal and business life!

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