Ultrasonic power may sound like something superheroes rely on to fight arch villains, but there are plenty of real-world applications for this technology. Once you understand what ultrasonic power is, you can more easily understand the many ways ultrasonic waves are harnessed for useful purposes.

Defining Ultrasonic

Ultrasonic frequencies are those that are above the range of human hearing, which is typically above 20,000 hertz. Ultrasonic is also called ultrasound. Two common examples are ultrasound images of unborn babies and ultrasonic dog whistles that human ears cannot register.

Medical Applications

In addition to widely used ultrasound imaging for expectant mothers, ultrasonic waves have other medical applications.

  • Treat some types of tumors
  • Ease pain in joints
  • Elimination of bladder and kidney stones

Generally, ultrasound techniques are more affordable than other types of imaging. As many depend upon ultrasonic waves, an industry focusing on ultrasonic generator repair has become important for many medical facilities as well as other sectors.

Industrial Applications

Various industries have discovered that ultrasonic waves are indispensable for delivering non-invasive and affordable procedures with good results.

  • Finding flaws in metals
  • Ultrasonic drilling
  • Ultrasonic welding and soldering
  • Sonar
  • Ultrasonic cutting and machining

Ultrasonic waves make creating more accurate tests and techniques easier for many industries, from engineering to specialized construction.

Assorted Additional Uses

Ultrasonic waves have proven to be helpful in other ways perhaps related to but not directly akin to medicine or specific industries. Ultrasonic waves have proved useful as a form of communication. In addition, because ultrasound has a disruptive effect on liquids, eventually producing bubbles, its high frequencies are useful in measuring flow devices.

Ultrasonic waves, or ultrasound techniques, are much more than the stuff of comic books. These ultra-high frequency waves are useful in many applications ranging from medicine to communication. Ultrasonic waves widen the sphere of possibilities in many sectors, so in that way they are, indeed, superheroes in their own right.