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Pinterest Pin

With over 21 million visitors a month (and growing), Pinterest has already become a major contender in the social media arena. This powerful tool is a new and exciting way to surge your visibility on the internet. Considering the visual nature of Pinterest pins and that the site is still new enough to be exciting to the younger crowd, there are a lot of possibilities for you to use your Pinterest pin as a marketing tool.

Use your website

Because Pinterest pins are graphics based, the best way to drive people back to your site is to pepper it with interesting videos, photos, infographics – even things such as charts and diagrams. Every time you post something on your website or blog, include a pinable graphic. As potential clients find you via Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and others, your images may be pinned over and over on their Boards.

To make it as easy as possible to get Pinterest repins, include “Pin It” buttons on your site. This encourages visitors to share what they find interesting on the spot. These buttons and the code for them are free on the Pinterest site.

Then, of course, create targeted Boards on your Pinterest account and pin these pages yourself. Once you attract some Pinterest followers, they will begin to further spread your message by repining and liking your posts.

Keep current

While Pinterest is still fairly new, you can tell it is going to continue to grow in popularity by the number of applications that are already in place. Make your site Pinterest repins friendly. Don’t forget the Pinterest site itself – there you will find several resources for building successful Boards.

Get Pinterest followers

The most proven way to attract and retain Pinterest followers is to keep pinning interesting, relevant content with good descriptions and links. This is also the best way to get those Pinterest likes and repins that are so valuable.

If you are just starting out, you may consider purchasing chunks of followers. Buying Pinterest likes and Pinterest followers is different than doing the same on any other social media site in that your new followers will be specifically interested in your Boards. Other social media sites often attract a lot of “junk” followers who truly are not interested in your content so much as they are interested in having high numbers of followers themselves. Pinterest does not have this type of culture, and the users tend to be more interested in new and fun things to repin on their Boards than they are in sheer volume of followers.

The pay-for-followers programs that are now available generally offer a service that connects those interested in your content to your specific Boards. Your potential Pinterest followers have the option of following your entire account or one or more of your Boards. Even if they do not follow you, they may still choose to like or repin one of your pins, which is still valuable. Most services only count actual followers, so you really do get bang for your buck using this method.

Pinterest is inherently anti-spam, so you or your followers should not be besieged by advertisements with no value. Keep your content fun, current, interesting, and relevant and your credibility and presence will grow steadily.

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