One of the last things you want to do in a busy week is taking time to organize your office. However, researchers show that you need to organize the area if you’re going to make your space more efficient and productive. From moving stacks of papers out of your workspace to rearranging the boxes you have stored, every effort can help you become more dynamic in your workday.

Save Your Back

Every office has boxes of files that need to be moved out of the work space and into racks or storage units. To save your back, put the moving carts and storage units on 4 inch caster wheels. This will help you move the containers filled with heavy files to the back rooms without straining your muscles. The carts can then be used for document retrieval too.

Clean Your Desk

Organized chaos has long been touted as the result of a brilliant mind, but it doesn’t bode well for efficiency. If you have drawers, discard items you no longer use and fill the drawers with clutter from the desktop. Not only will this leave you with more room to work, but it will also keep you more organized, and having a place for everything is more efficient.

Remove Your Emails

One of the biggest time wasters in most offices is the sorting through the massive amounts of emails you get every day from clients, friends, staff and unknown individuals. Although you may feel the need to open, read, and respond to each of those messages, if they have no direct correlation to your workday projects, you may want to ignore them. Consider filtering the different email types and categorizing the senders in folders that differentiate their importance.

Taking time to organize your office can make you more efficient. From using casters to sorting emails, you can make a big impact in your day using the simple tips above.