Marketing Your Network Marketing Business Using Social Networking Sites

Business owners of all types and from all industries, including network marketing, understand the importance of effective marketing in order to build a customer base, attract partners, and to generate a “buzz”. Furthermore, this truth is absolutely vital to network marketers. Effective marketing is needed to generate leads, brand yourself as an industry leader, and to promote products and services that the business provides.

Because of the reach of the internet as well as the ability to share ideas relatively inexpensively (for free in most cases), social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter have become a very viable platform for network marketers to interact with one another. A successful network marketer would be wise not to overlook the power of social networking websites and to incorporate the use of these sites into their overall marketing plan.

Here are a few ideas that may help you as you begin to create a marketing presence on social networking sites.

Connect, Connect, Connect! – Friends and Fans (Facebook) and Followers (Twitter) are vital. However, it is equally vital to seek out like-minded individuals who will be open to receive your marketing. Here’s a hint: Most network marketing “gurus” have Facebook and Twitter pages with a large following. You can be relatively certain that the followers on these pages are interested in network marketing and networking to some degree. These are the very people with which YOU should be networking. Send requests to connect with people such as these and make it a point to send 20-30 requests daily (anymore will probably register with the site as spam). Your network will explode.

Keep a Professional Presence – The pictures, comments, and ideas that you present will form the impression that your network has of you. Have fun and be relaxed, but also make sure to give special attention to the types of information that you present and how you present it. Stay away from comments regarding “hot button” issues such as politics, race, and religion. Use your site as a tool to build your business.

Give before you Get – Make it a point to post helpful websites, books, free reports, and other helpful items to your network. Establish yourself as a serious businessperson and also someone who is willing to share. This will build you up as a “leader” in the eyes of your network and make it much easier to market to them in the long run.

Remember, your objective in using social networking sites should be to build your business. There are few marketing outlets that have the ability to reach so many for such a small financial investment. Take advantage and good luck!

By: Jason-Dennis Stewart