Is Social Media Advertising Worth Your Time?

Have you been wondering why social media advertising is so popular right now, and if, or how can it help your business? The rise in popularity of social media sites has gained a lot of attention from the media, and rightly so. When major companies such as HP, Dell and Coke announce success using it, then it makes the rest of the world stand up and take notice.

Small Town Support

Social media fills a void for many people. Social media sites have come to replace the support we once had when physically surrounded by family members and friends. It is the twentieth century replacement

In this day and age most people no longer have the small town support they once had. They can’t hop next door and get advice from a family member or friend. Gone are the days when we were surrounded by loved ones. People move, take on new jobs in other states or countries, have to head off to war, etc. People are social creatures and need that community connection to feel complete. Now, there are a few folks who are loners, but for the majority of us, we long for relationships. It’s genetic. It’s in our DNA. It is good for us.

Word of Mouth

So how does this help you in your business? Word of mouth is one of the most sought after and relied upon advertising mediums available. The only problem is that we can only control it to a certain extent. We can’t force customers to tell their friends about us. And most of the time people only tend to report bad experiences to their friends, and many times won’t tell their friends about good experiences unless they are asked for their advice.

Friends Asking Friends

Think about it. What do you do when you are looking to have something done? Maybe a roof put on your house, your car repaired or your hair cut. Do you grab the phone book and just start scanning for a company that looks good? Well that could have detrimental effects. It is easy for a company to make themselves look professional and legitimate but yet still not be up to par on business ethics. So most of us will ask our friends or family who they use. And we will also get advice from people we know who have had experiences with the work or services we are looking to have done.

Customer Connection

This is where social media advertising comes into play. By connecting with your customers using social media you are keeping your company in the forefront of their thoughts. When one of their friends asks for a recommendation guess who they will think of first?

Take for instance Facebook. You have built up some fans and make a post about an event you are having. Not only are your fans seeing the information about your event, but any of their friends who visit their profile will see the advertisement too. If their friends look at their ‘likes’ guess who they will see listed there? Why you of course.

Working It

Now just having a social media account will not guarantee your success, you will have to work it. Not to the point that you are annoying people, but you need to provide your users with interesting and relevant information and keep things upbeat and exciting. Providing surveys, contents and events are just some of the ways you can keep your fans interested and coming back for more.

So to answer the question, ‘Is social media advertising worth your time’? You bet it is. Social media advertising can have a huge impact on your business. Combine it with power of article marketing and you could send your business into overdrive.