Do Twitter Marketing Tools Work?

Do Twitter marketing tools work? Before we ask this question, first we have to ask, “Does Twitter marketing work?” If the answer to the first question is “Yes” then the tool that best utilizes Twitter’s marketing capabilities could yield real results.

The Social Media Marketing Industry Report recently released by Michael A. Stelzner surveyed 900 marketers to determine if social media are resulting in actual increased business for online marketers. According to survey results, the answer is, “Yes!”

When using social media marketing tools such as Twitter (Twitter was ranked #1 most popular among these tools), marketers recorded increased exposure, traffic, search engine rank, and one in two generated targeted leads.

So do Twitter marketing tools work? If marketing with Twitter works to begin with, it stands to reason that a marketing tool that capitalizes on the marketing properties of Twitter could indeed be very effective. But exactly how do these tools make Twitter a profitable marketing platform?

Twitter marketing tools work by using native Twitter techniques, related services and applications to generate a mass of followers, develop niches of those followers to target with content, and use automated feeds to drive targeted traffic to links contained within Twitter updates.

Some Twitter marketers have tens of thousands of followers and can motivate segments of those followers to act based on information contained in their updates. One of the key actions desired by marketers is to get followers to click on links that lead to their sites. If interested people visit their sites, those people are more likely to take further action, which in turn increases conversion rates.

According to some successful Twitter marketers, such as Bill Crosby, creator of Twitter Traffic Machine, feeds can generate 1-2% of clicks to site or affiliate links. With a mass of followers and targeted feeds, this can produce a definite increase in traffic and qualified leads.

Based on these kinds of reports, Twitter should not be overlooked as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. But which Twitter marketing tool does the best job? What is the best way to compare Twitter marketing tools and select which is the best fit for your online marketing objectives?

A good place to evaluate these tools is a site that has conducted multiple Twitter product reviews and lists important features of reviewed products in a side-by-side comparison format. Review sites can be found by searching Google or Squidoo for “Twitter product reviews” and selecting the sites that review the top marketing products.

The best tool should have an easy setup, utilize free Twitter services and applications, work quickly to generate income, and ultimately develop into an automated system. Most good marketing tools can be purchased at a reasonable price, for around $27.00.

There are an increasing number of marketing tools for Twitter available, and many of them use similar techniques, so regardless of which tool you choose, the most important thing is to get the basic information you need to make Twitter a part of your marketing plan.

Twitter marketing tools are a powerful new solution that can generate real results. They can be used to take advantage of the social media marketing edge that is being led by Twitter.