Be Part of the Game With the PS3 Bundle For the Move

Play Station does it again! They’ve brought the world of gaming into a new era. The new PS3 Move is redefining how you play. No longer do you simply watch the game, now you are part of it. Players interact and personally feel what is happening. You are now an integral part of the game, not just a spectator. Movement is now key to playing. The PS3 bundle pack can get you set up for gaming with this exciting new system.

The PS3 bundle for the Move is a great option for players who do not already own a system. Everything you need to get started is included with this package. Depending on which hard drive you want, the cost will vary accordingly. Both the 160 GB and the 320 GB bundles come with a PS3 system, an eye camera, 1 Move motion controller, a Move game demo disk and the Sports Champion Blu-ray disk game designed especially for the PS3 Move. The 160 GB retails for $300.00 and the 320 GB is $400.00. If you already own a PS3 system you can purchase an accessory bundle for the move which includes: the eye camera, 1 Move motion controller, the Move demo disk, and the Sports Champion Blu-ray disk game. The accessory bundle retails for $99.99.

You will be amazed at the full range motion the Move controller puts at your disposal. The vibration feedback will react to your movement and actions and its color changing sphere will provide added excitement. Some games will allow you to use 2 controllers, such as boxing and archery, and will increase your feeling of being part of the game. The PS3 bundle for the Move will allow you to play a variety of games from sports to action games, to shooter or family games.

Whether you’re young or old, the PS3 bundle for the Move will keep you moving and entertained. The eye camera accurately keeps track of player movement and up to 4 controllers can be used with the system at any given time. New technology puts the Move controller ahead of the competition with advanced motion sensors. The navigation controller will help you to move your character in the game, but if you don’t have one you can use the Dual Shock 3 controller. For most games, only the eye camera and Move motion controller are needed for play. This is the newest innovation to hit the gaming world and is well worth the investment.