Back From Thailand, Back To Work

Spending money is SO EASY!

So I’ve just come back from a long break in Thailand, where my friends and I travelled to Bangkok, Phuket, Phi Phi, Krabi, Koh Phangan and back to Bangkok. There were a few places we missed that we would’ve liked to have gone to but we plan on getting them next time! We travelled there because my best friend’s girlfriend is from Bangkok and since moving to the UK 3 years ago hadn’t been back to see her family. We saw this as the perfect opportunity to have a local show us around the hotspots. Even though it was supposedly the monsoon season, the weather was largely beautiful and hot. If you have been to Thailand (and I know a fair few of my associates have) you will have experienced how damned CHEAP everything is out there! We hired a car, the fuel is ridiculously cheap compared to the UK prices! The food, drink, hotels, hostels – EVERYTHING is silly money, the good kind of silly!

Having said this, although we set ourselves a budget, it ended up being considerably UNDER what we spent! The reason for this? We ATE MORE, DRANK MORE, BOUGHT MORE CLOTHES etc because we felt, in a way, that it would be RUDE not to! When everything is so cheap, you feel compelled to make the most of it! Over indulgence was key to our was it greed?!

A few highlights of the holiday include taking a boat to the island where the Danny Boyle movie, ‘The Beach’ was filmed! That was very surreal. We visited the King’s Palace in Bangkok and spent a few crazy days in Koh Phangan, home of the monthly Full Moon Parties that people talk about all over the world. We also got to make friends with people from all over; Australia, USA, Brazil, Germany, Poland – I love meeting new people so this was a major plus for me. I met a girl from Sao Paulo who knew Brazilian superstar footballers, Ronaldinho and Kaka!

So, two credit card withdrawals and a couple of hundred quid later, we get back to the UK with bills to pay and money to transfer (not to mention the fact I ran up a A�127 mobile phone bill – NOT IMPRESSED!). But what was the first thing I did when I got home? I BOOKED ANOTHER HOLIDAY! I’m going to Crete with my girlfriend in August. In just over 2 months time I’ll be out of this crappy weather again (as I write this, the rainfall in Hereford, UK is so bad the roads are flooding!).


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