A Guide to Gaming PC Specs

PC gaming has been around for decades, but so has console gaming. Being a simpler platform, many players were drawn to consoles first and many even became veteran players without ever really considering PC gaming. Eventually though, some of the most competitive and hardcore gamers take a peek into the world of PC gaming because of all it has to offer. Some games are available for PC gamers that aren’t out for any console, and many never will be. The PC offers a much wider range of controls (with keyboard and mouse) and therefore lends itself to a deeper gameplay experience that consoles can’t replicate.

Another thing PC’s offer is a breakout from the multi-year console cycle. When a console system first comes out there is generally wide-ranging acclaim for the technological capabilities of the system, but two or three years into its life cycle the technology is noticeably dated and yet the next generation console is still years away from release. This leaves many hardcore console gamers sour on their system of choice, and looking to PC gaming for potential answers.

For the PC gaming novice a common question is, “What’s a good gaming PC spec?” Unlike consoles, PC’s come with an infinite variety of processor types, CPU speeds, different types and amounts of RAM, and a whole litany of graphics cards to choose from. There is no easy answer to this question, because any answer I give today will be wrong a month from now. Ultimately any new PC gamer needs to learn the lay of the land a bit before purchasing their first system. Surprisingly though, this is much easier than you might think.

Product reviews are your friend. They will both save you money and save you from making purchases that might have disappointed you. Try to check reviews on both tech websites as well as on stores. Surprisingly, price alone is not a good indicator of quality and even something with what seems to be perfect specs on paper may not live up to expectations if there are other issues with it. Ultimately the most important piece of any gaming PC is the video cards. The graphics are the most processor and memory intensive thing about gaming today, so even if you are purchasing a complete system it’s a good idea to make sure the graphics card included with the system can deliver solid performance for today’s games.

By combining a little bit of research into graphics cards, checking out the specs on a variety of systems offered as gaming PC’s, and looking at both professional and user reviews you will be able to make a very educated purchasing decision. A good gaming PC spec will change from month to month but the procedure for figuring out what the latest and greatest is and how to get the most for you money always remains the same.A�