Embracing a Career in Government

Government jobs are not for everybody. They require a host of desired traits to succeed at any level: professionalism, discipline, and a willingness to adhere to high standards. Were you to choose a national-security path, you would have to pass a relatively clean background check for consideration.

Yet, a career in government can be highly rewarding. While some government jobs are not without pitfalls, many offer the kinds of challenges and benefits that make going to work engaging, at least. Consider the many pros to working in government, along with one contemporary con.

Financial Security

Many government careers provide stable income and long-term security. Pay scales compete with current private sector careers, and benefits packages usually contain strong options: extensive vacations, health insurance, and retirement contributions.


The uncertainty of today’s job market means many businesses are going to disappear, along with those that have already closed permanently in 2020. Government positions will expand as necessary human services will be necessary to manage changing conditions. In particular, as health and economic crises are having an impact both nationally and internationally, any career in government that focuses on international relations will be in high demand.


Whether you assume a role in international government or work at the community level, your job will affect a range of constituents positively. While you may face doubts when challenges arise, for the most part, people will value the job you undertake. Rather than dismissing the government’s importance, citizens strongly endorse the role of government in specific areas from protection from terrorism to ensuring safe food and medicine.


If you are motivated, you can find avenues for advancement in many sectors. Some agencies present in-house training opportunities and have personal resources to help guide you. In other cases, they make funds available for continuing education.

The caveat is that you need to possess initiative and enthusiasm if you want to progress. Employing networking tips can move you along faster and bring opportunities that may not present themselves if you prefer to stay buried in a cubicle.

Personal Professional Choice

Even if you are a motivated, hard-working employee, chances are you can leave your job behind when you come home. One of the ways in which government work differs from professional occupations is that many positions are not created to intrude on your time when you leave the office. Vacation, too, is truly that; you do not take your work to the beach house as a federal employee. Additionally, if you desire stay-at-home work, remote positions are have become a norm, and more will likely become available even if the COVID-19 challenge wanes.

Flexibility of Sorts

In addition to possible remote positions, you can find government work in different regions. Every municipality and rural center requires the government to function. The caveat here is clear, however: Pandemic-induced uncertainty means the immediate future of government employment in some regions is unclear and likely changing.

If you study the market for government jobs, you can focus on choosing paths with greater chances of employment than others. Doing research and building networks will improve the likely-hood of getting your foot in Uncle Sam’s door.

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