Twit or Tweet and I Ain’t No Elmer Fudd

For those of you who are wondering who the heck is Elmer Fudd, he is an old cartoon character that always hunted Bugs Bunny and pronounced his “R” like a “W”. And who is Bugs Bunny, if you are that young, go ask your parents. But what does all this have to do with Halloween? WHAT? No, the question is, what does this have to do with marketing a Custom Gaming PC? Say Huh? this isn’t about getting free candy? No its not. Let me explain. Everyone is familiar with Twitter and other forms of social media. To send out a message to your followers on Twitter you make a tweet. So those of us who don’t tweet have been referred to as non-tweeters or twits. So the bottom line is, are you a twit or do you tweet? And this explains the tie to marketing a custom gaming PC? No quite yet. Here we go.

In the world of the custom gaming PC, every company that manufactures them are constantly sending out tweets to their followers. These companies make it a strategic part of their marketing plan. But are they effective? Do they bring in the sales? Do they improve their image? Do they drive people to their web site? Or do they just annoy people? So it all boils down to is, should a company actually be a twit or issue tweets when it comes to marketing their custom gaming PC? The answer obviously depends on the content of the tweet and its relevancy to the receiver of the tweet or what we call the tweetee. Is the tweet pertinent to the tweetee? Or are we just wasting the tweetee’s time? Oh my god, are we bringing Tweetie Bird and Sylvester the cat into this? What will be next, the Moose and squirrel? No, no, no, just hear me out. In this age of social media, we are all be bombarded with messages constantly about things that are totally lame. Really, how many ways are there to save on gas mileage? If we use them all we should start being able to produce gasoline from our own engines! The point is if we are to use social media for marketing a custom gaming PC, we need to do it responsibly. Target your followers more precisely. Don’t be signing up every Boris and Natasha out there just because they want to follow you to make their numbers look good to their friends. Only sign up the people truly interested in your products. And don’t bombard them with 10 tweets in an hour or even a day. Too many tweets makes the tweetee annoyed. And soon, no one will be following you.

If we use social media responsibly, our marketing efforts become more effective. We are sending out messages to people who really want to see them. Tweets will work if they offer the tweetee something of value. Make your tweets pertinent to your audience. If they are they will drive people to your web site and hopefully more business for you. Tweeting responsibly will help any Custom Gaming PC marketing effort worthwhile. Tweet-on my fellow marketeers! Oh god, I hope the last reference to animated rodents! Yes it is!