Simple Skype Text Tricks to Try at Home

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Texting activities become easier to do nowadays. No need to use balance anymore because it only needs the internet connection . There are platforms to download such as Skype. Although it is an old platform, Skype is still used by some of people.If you are the Skype users, you can try some simple Skype text tricks to make your chatting becomes more attractive. See all of the  Skype text tricks below.

Font Changing Trick

The number one of Skype text tricks is font changing. It is a good choice if you are bored with normal fonts for chatting. Customize your font by opening the Tools on Skype. There will be an Option to choose then  click IMS and IMS Appearance to change your font. You can see many fonts including the style and size.

Emoticon Trick

Emoticon is one of the reason why this platform becomes unattractive to use.There are few emoticons which also limit the users in getting a fun chatting. But you can try the second Skype text trick by appearing the hidden emoticons on your Skype. Make a trial by using some codes like (call) to show the call emoticon or (punch) to show the punch emoticon.

Recent Message Edit Trick

The recent message edit trick becomes the next Skype text tricks to try. It is really helpful when you make a mistake in typing conversation with the other users. If you use Skype on your personal computer, you can click right to see some message commands like copy message, edit, and remove message. Copy the wrong text then click right to edit according to your need.

Text Formatting Trick

Text formatting is the last Skype text tricks that you should do. It is because Skype does not give text format like italic and bold. Use the “_” symbol to create an italic word or phrase. While for the bold word, you can use *asterisks*.  This is very easy to do right? So try out all of the Skype text tricks on your mobile or PC.

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