J series are familiar in any classes among Samsung users. Not only for upper but lower class also can have Samsung J series. Samsung Galaxy J36v is one of the examples. It has a lower price which is suitable for you who are craving for the cheap smartphone. But do you already know the complete specification of this Samsung Galaxy J36v? If you do not know yet, you can learn the plus and minus sides that you will get if you buy this Samsung Galaxy J36v. For more detail, you can take a look at the plus and minus of this phone below.

Plus Side

Before discussing about the minus, it is good to start the discussion from the plus side. In buying this Samsung Galaxy J36v, you should pay attention about the body of the smartphone first. If you do not know it yet, this J36v has a quite slim body which is nice to grasped. The other plus sides of this smartphone that you should know is about the display. It has 5 inch clear which is very comfortably to carry. There is also a  High Definition of AMOLED display for the video call.

Minus Side

From the minus side, you can take a look at the RAM of this phone. It only has 1.5GB which is very less for those who like to download many applications on their phone or for gaming. You still need to move your data on your internal memory or Micro SD card to save your phone storage. For the camera, you cannot take a high expectation because this Samsung J36v only have 2MP front and 5MP main camera. It is not a good idea to choose because of the quality of the camera. The standard 2600 mAh battery capacity is also becomes the minus of this Samsung Galaxy J36v considering there are many smartphones released these days with larger battery capacity. But it may be too much to say because it has affordable price to buy.

If you only want to buy a smartphone according to your budget, you can buy this Samsung J36v. While if you are looking for good quality of camera and large RAM capacity, you may still think twice to buy this Samsung J36v.