If you are Samsung users, you may already familiar with the Galaxy Apps. It actually has the same capability as Google Playstore on Android smartphone. But Galaxy Apps is more specific in giving the offers only to the Galaxy device and. You can understand what is Galaxy Apps first if you don’t get the idea of how does this apps work, Does it give you more advantages or disadvantages for your smartphone? Let’s start understanding what is Galaxy Apps below.

The Essential and Exclusive Offer

What is Galaxy Apps? This application is designed by Samsung to create an easy way in downloading applications. It is kind of convenience for people to explore all the offers through its application. This is the first general information in understanding what is Galaxy Apps. When you open the Galaxy Apps, there will be some choices of trending, games, exclusives, top, and gear. You can get all the applications you want based on the categories. There is Galaxy Essentials including Microsoft PowerPoint, Smart Tutor for Samsung Galaxy, and SideSync as the must application to have. All are free to download on your Galaxy device. For the premium users, there will be an exclusive games offers to get.

Weakness Point

In understanding what is Galaxy Apps, we also need to learn about the weakness point. If you already use this application on your phone, which one is the most problem you face on this Galaxy Apps? Although it is created as a convenience, but in fact this application gives more troubles for your smartphone. Most of people complain that they spend more of their data on this Galaxy Apps. They don’t realize it until they check on the data usage. It is because the application keep updating the latest version of apps without giving a notification first. That is why many people prefer to turn of the automatically update and anything relate to this application.

Do you already get the point of what is Galaxy Apps? After learning the plus and minus of the this application, you can conclude that Galaxy Apps is a recommended to use or not. But understanding what is Galaxy Apps is surely important for you.