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Gaming Laptop – Sager NP720 Laptop Review


Gaming Laptop – Sager NP720 Laptop Review

NP720 is another high performance gaming laptop from Sager. It is a very powerful machine like a desktop computer. However, since it is a notebook computer it gives an added advantage of mobility. The NP720 notebook is powered with Intel Core i7 processor. Even though such kind of processor from Intel is considered to be less powerful but it is able to handle function like a desktop PC. That is the reason this notebook is capable of providing you with unmatched gaming performance.

The Intel powered processors gives you a speed of up to 3.2 GHz on the NP720 laptop. It lets you do multitasking without facing any performance issue. Like on a desktop PC, you can listen, record and play all your favorite games at the same time. Graphics card is what is capable of taking your gaming excitement to the next level. The NP720 comes with two graphics cards which means you will able to experience blazing fast gameplay.

In order to get the best gaming experience on a laptop, you need to have a large display screen. The NP720 does not disappoint you on this aspect and provides you with a magnificent 1080p full high definition 17.3 inch LED display screen. The display is energy efficient and consumes less battery power.

With HDMI connectivity port available on NP720, you can connect this notebook to a HDMI compatible compliant television set. You can then turn your home television into a gaming home theatre by connecting your sound system to the HDMI system. This you can get the best gaming experience on your television screen.

The wireless internet connectivity on NP720 is extremely good because it comes with the Intel WiFi adapter with N technology that has got a data transfer speed of up to 1GB per second. Such a powerful wireless system will let you stay connected to the wireless network by even scaling multiple floors. These days all the games are available on Blu-Ray discs. The NP720 comes with a Blu-Ray drive that will let you enjoy all the latest games and movies with the best possible clarity.

It has got a very comfortable keyboard and comes with full-sized keyboard that facilitates easy typing. Lastly, the 8-cell Smart Li-Ion battery of 78.44 WH will let you play your favorite games on battery for hours without connecting it to the power outlet.