Strolling down the market aisle, shoppers stop and glance at possible purchases. When examining the items for selection, they may not know if one is superior to the other in functionality; rather, buyers are left to contemplate the object’s design. After all, hopefully each one on the shelf can take care of the issue. Other factors must be considered. Inventors, then, should understand that there is more to selling something then having a good formula. How something looks and performs is also significant. The following are four things to consider when selecting product package.

1. Security

A proper seal protects the merchandise and helps the consumer. Consider using tamper proof caps. Parents gain some comfort in knowing that little ones are less likely to break into the container. Plus, the additional shield visibly shows customers that someone hasn’t messed with the pills or liquid. Unfortunately, in today’s world, that is something to consider. This little choice goes a long way in building trust and reliability.

2. Ease of Use

The form of the bottle or container should make it easy to hold. Distribution of the object should also be simple. Is there a spout to help pour? Can tablets be easily accessed? When this doesn’t happen, users grow frustrated, associating negative emotions with the product.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

Whatever you select should not tip the price point out of reasonable range. People should be able to afford the purchase, and you should be able to make a profit.

4. Attractiveness

Why does someone reach for one thing over another? The eyes play a major role in that decision. Invest in a marketing team that understands customer interest and item aesthetics. The right colors, font and logo could pull in first time users.

Be aware of shopper mentality. It’s not always about the cheapest selection. It’s often about how something looks. Think about convenience, safety and attractiveness.