PSP – Sony Playstation: Portable Ultra Modern Gaming Machine

Sony PlayStation Portable system having 4.3-inch display which dominates the console body and its whole look is so classy, expensive and very elegant. Apple fans can easily experience this feeling of having PSP console in their hand. It’s for sure PSP device is so handy with Pro Duo Memory stick, battery, inserted UMD and including all it just weighs 10.3 ounces. Revolutionary Sony PSP not just include handheld PlayStation 2 like features but beyond that PSP has other value – added features, namely the video player, the audio player and the photo viewer. PSP has more processing power than other portable console available in the market. Screen of PSP system is simply stunning with simplicity it has vibrant features and exceptionally clear view. If we talk about viewing angle which is again its incredible feature you can have very good image view from any angle with better refresh rate.

Till 2011 Sony releases 4 series of PSP named as PSP-1000, PSP-2000, PSP-3000 and PSP GO (N1000). PSP-3000 and PSP GO are the only 2 portable consoles of Sony which are in production. PSP is the seventh generation of console with its 62 million units sold all around the world. Sony PlayStation Portable latest version having faster loading time, 64MB internal system memory which is twice the memory of previous PSP console and this time PSP is 19% thinner and 33% lighter. Built in microphone enables you to enjoy all those games that employ a microphone and cutting edge communication technology enabled device make connectivity easier with your all online friends.

In the list of portable gaming devices Sony PSP has exceptional gaming power, audio-video quality is superb and when you watch movies on UMD it just look great on the sleek wide screen. Since the launch of Sony PlayStation Portable in December 2004, it is the leading handheld device in the portable gaming industry. Success of PSP console tells whole story about this device. True gamers admire PSP system for all its fully loaded feature, support, accessories, games and add-ons to make this device complete gaming and entertainment satisfaction zone while they are traveling. In true sense Sony PSP is more than a game console.