Gaming Laptop Buying Guide

Gaming Laptop Buying Guide

The truth is that a good laptop can mean the difference between winning and losing. That why the processor is so vital to the gaming laptop experience. You need at least a high speed Core 2 Duo to start with, but graphics cards are even more important when it comes to filling out your ideal gaming laptop.

At least 512 MB of dedicated memory is required for graphics to run up to par, so be prepared to shop for something in that neighborhood or higher. A high-resolution 15-18 inch screen will make those graphics deliver the goods, too, so compare the specs with the best in the business before you settle on a laptop.

Interestingly but not surprisingly, your starting point when it comes to buying a gaming laptop shouldn’t be the store. It should, instead, be the back of a gaming box. You see, you want to check the specifications on your favorite games to ensure that your new gaming laptop can smoke the requirements and leave your opponents in the dust. This will help you decide how much cash to part with, too. An MMO, for instance, may not need as much bank dropped on it as a first-person shooter.

Another key consideration is that of hard drive space. To really come up with a cutting edge system, you may want to purchase something that has support for two drives. You can then configure the bad boy with one solid state drive and one hard drive, allowing for a speed boost from the solid state drive and high-capacity storage from the hard drive. It’s a win-win.

As you can see, purchasing the best gaming laptop has a number of facets to consider. You’ve got a lot of shopping to do, though, so get out there and get cracking!

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