How to Fix the Playstation 3 Yellow Light – Fix My PS3 Yellow Light of Death

Got the PlayStation 3 yellow light? Looking for a way on how to fix your light of death problem? There are 2 ways to get this problem fixed. You either send your console over to Sony, or you will start a fix by yourself with the exclusive step by step techniques from a PS3 repair guide. But first, some tips!

1) Restart your PlayStation 3.

2) Check for loose cables.

3) Unplug all cables and plug them back in. (Not the power cord)

4) Take out the hard-drive, and put it back in. Repeat this step 3-4 times.

Didn’t the tips that I gave you fix the PlayStation 3 yellow light? Too bad… Well, keep your head up! You’ve got 2 ways to get it fixed now. Let me explain some more about it.

Fix My PlayStation 3 Yellow Light By Sending It Over To Sony?

This option sounds so…great… Right? Well, it’s definitely not. Want to know why? This is because of 2 reasons. The waiting times, and the price you’ll have to pay.

You see, when you are actually doing this, you’ll have to pay Sony $150 for the repairs. But, to cheer you up… This is only needed if your warranty has been expired. Also, the waiting times are really, really long.. You’ll have to wait at least 2 weeks, and this could go up to 1 month quite easily.

Fix My PlayStation 3 Yellow Light By Myself With A PS3 Repair Guide?

This is the best option that you’ve got if you want to fix the Yellow light of death on your PlayStation 3. This is because it’s cheap and fast.

When you do this it’s highly recommended to use a PS3 repair guide. This is because it will give you step by step instructions so it will be easier to fix your PlayStation 3 yellow light problem.