Web Site Traffic Creation Tips – Boosting Traffic Through Social Networking

Recent statistics have proven that most people on the internet flock more on social networking sites than on any other website available and in fact, the same survey has found out that about thirty percent of online traffic is caused by social networking websites. This shows that in order to boost your website traffic, you have to find a way to utilize social networking sites to your advertising campaigns which will increase your selling advantage.

On top of the list of these sites with the biggest number of memberships is Facebook followed by these in no specific order: Twitter, MySpace, Stumbleupon, Yahoo Buzz, Google Buzz, Digg, Delicious, and Share-A-Link.

Simply putting advertisements on these networking sites will not do the trick due to the fact that in these sites, people buy more because of their affinity to a specific person than the beauty of the ad itself. In fact these specific people called “influencers” can directly persuade at the most half of the actions on a specific selling website just by simply stating recommendations on the brand’s products and its virtues and why they should buy it.

So the real secret in marketing in these websites is to clearly identify these “influencers” and make them your target because a few of them doing the word-of-mouth advertisement for you will increase your exposure and possible sales exponentially.

Of course, reaching more people by maximizing your presence in social networking sites through advertisement placements is effective but to really make the most of your efforts, try to recognize the most dominant and influential members first and concentrate on this person by engaging him or her in different ways.

Keep in mind that if you are able to convince that person, it would seem that you have also influenced his social network and you have in a roundabout way influenced them as well.

However, locating these very influential members of a specific social networking site would really be a challenge but a challenge that is worth the dare since you only have to “hit a few in order to hit many”. Finding them may require specific analysis tools and data traffic interpretation and this may take time. Then the next challenge would be trying to create a connection with these people without blatantly manifesting that you are engaging them to eventually sell them and use them to sell for you.