Gaming Laptop – NP860 Sager Laptop Review

Sager is one famous brand that has launched plenty mobile gaming laptops. NP860 is one gaming laptop that has got all the great features and the best thing is it is available at an affordable price. The Sager NP860 is a fully customizable machine which means you can choose what kind of parts you want.

The first thing you need to look for in a gaming laptop is the performance. The performance of the system can be understood through its processor. NP860 comes with a wide range of processor options. All the processors are from Intel. You can choose from Intel Core i5-460M processor that comes at a speed of 2.53 Ghz or Intel Core i7-640M processor that comes with 3.46 Hz speed or you can also go for a low speed processor of 1.73 GHz – Intel Core i7-740M.

You will feel great to know that the NP860 has got RAM slots. It supports DDR3 RAMs. You can expand up to 8GB of RAM. The size of the display is pretty decent as it comes with a 15.6 inch full high definition screen. As far as gaming is concerned, it will surely impress you as it comes with nVIDIA graphics card with 1.5GB video memory and you can choose between two kinds of graphics card.

When it comes to storage, the NP860 gives you a SATA hard disk with a large storage space and a DVD drive that is capable of reading and burning DVDs and Blu-ray discs. We all know how important is to listen to the sound effects of the game while playing it. That is the reason why you can find inbuilt 3D HD audio system. There are plenty of connectivity ports on the notebook such as HDMI out port, DVI out port, 3 USB 3.0 ports, 1 USB 2.0 port and so on. It comes with 3800mAh battery that gives a good battery backup.

All in all, the NP860 is a high performance gaming laptop. The weight of the laptop is about 7.38lbs which is slightly on the bulkier side. If you have no problems with the weight of the NP860, you will surely enjoying playing your favorite games on this system. If you are looking for a lesser known gaming notebook device, then Sager NP860 is a great laptop that comes at affordable price with all the good features.