Using Social Media

You have many positive sides to social media. For the internet marketer, you might have a lot of people thinking that if you retweet something in the market place that is interesting, you’ve done just as much effort into the piece as if you first created it. They think that their doing something without reading doing anything.

Don’t get me on the wrong note retweeting is a good thing to do. It’s all about getting the information into the marketplace in front of other people. Let’s take a look at market leadership. How are some of these people becoming market leaders?

When I asked this question I realized that something hit me like a bolt of lightening. The only difference between the market leader and the one who isn’t one is the way they go about presenting their material into the marketplace. Take a look at the content that they are putting out. They could write a blog post, do a postcast, put out a video, a PDF file, an interview, it really could be anything. If you look at it this way, market leaders and contributing to their own marketplace. They rise to certain positions because they have a viewpoint and they get actively involved.

Now if you do this on a regular basis, now all of a sudden you will be the one who is being retweeted. What happens when you are retweeted? You’re getting backlinks. This is one of the best SEO strategies in the world. What you want to do is to make some original content in whatever media form you like, just start contributing to the marketplace.

When I first thought of this, it changed everything for me. As soon as I used the term market leader and figured out what these people are doing, I had all sorts of flashbacks to where you had the cheerleaders and the captain of the football team back in high school. It’s a positive thing to strive for.

There are some people that are shy about getting into the marketplace. This is a human tragedy. I don’t know why people become shy, but when you’re trying to make money in the marketplace, that is not a good thing to be. Maybe some people are afraid that they’ll be criticized. But you just have to work past this.

Just set out 90 days to do something that you have a passion for. Publish something every single day. You can take one day off. Then before you know it, people will start talking about you. The stuff you create might be ok, but the point is that you’re getting it out there for people to read. Many people started off in the worst of times. That’s just the power of what social media can do for you.