One of the best creations of humanity has been the discovery and implementation of technology for our everyday lives. It has allowed a seamless distribution of data and information, so much so that now billions of people are connected on different platforms which we call the internet and social media. There’s no way to tell where we would be if it weren’t for technology, but one thing is for sure, we wouldn’t be what we are now. In this article we will be discussing some of the ways in which technology, such as any preventive maintenance cmms software has helped humanity evolve to the point where it is now.

Technology is the use of scientific knowledge and its applications in everyday life. These applications can be anything since knowledge is broad. When people think of technology they automatically envision cellphones and computers but there are other types of technology such as heavy machinery which have allowed us to grow our cities. Other types of technology include previous versions of current technologies such as the printing press which allowed us to share knowledge with each other and print it so that it remains for generations to come.

Breakthroughs in medical technologies have lengthened our lives and have given doctors an advantage when looking for diseases and things like cancer. Technology has allowed us to create algorithms which can look at thousands of images of cancer tumors and brain tumors, compare them with each other, and almost instantaneously determine what is wrong with the patient and what the medical procedure should be. We now even have a robot that is so precise in the sector of surgery, that it can cut a grape’s skin and sew it back together.

Technology is all about helping people because the main reason we create technology is to make it easier to live on this planet and get the outcomes that we envision. It spans hundreds of different aspects of our lives, but some of the most important have been in finance, health, communication, and travel. We’re able to keep our finances in order by simply using an app, we can talk to anyone in the world with the touch of a button, and we can book a flight from our phones. I believe we are now at a point where the technology we create will be so advanced, that we will start to believe we are in the “future.”

In conclusion, in this article we discussed how technology has helped humanity grow and evolve into the society we are today. We’ve sent people to the moon, we have robots circling the Earth, we can send our voices to any place in the world, and we’re able to get a ride by paying a few dollars through an app (Uber). If we continue to develop technologies at the pace we have been for the past five decades, in the next five we will develop technologies that will be seen as alien if seen from our current perspective.