Social Media Table Manners

I was at Starbucks today. For the past several months to a year I have been patronizing Starbucks and it seems to be the social network marketing place for business and friends. People are doing business over the Internet at these coffee houses. I meet friends and interact with people over the Internet at Starbucks.

I have never been harassed and people seem to respect others and keep a good social atmosphere. As in any social situation there should be “table manners”. People should respect one another.

Think of social media like walking into someone’s house. You must abide by their rules. Every house has rules. In our house you take your shoes off, no smoking, and no use of profanity. If you enter a church building, you follow the church rules. Entering a secure government building you may have to go through a security check and be restricted on what you can carry in.

Here are some social media table manners:

A� Join in the conversation – If you are entering a Facebook page for those interested in network marketing, keep your conversation about what others are interested in. Read the group information about the group. Remember, you don’t know anything about these people and they don’t know you. Take an interest in what they have to say. Listen, listen, and then listen. If you are interested in Christianity, chat about the things of God. You like marketing, talk about marketing. Keep to the subject.

A� Be a good listener and ask questions – Take an interest in the other person. Ask them about their interests. If they want to talk about their business, then let them talk. Ask them questions about their company. How long have you been doing the business? How long has the company been in business? Remember, unless you use video and audio, they cannot see or hear you.

A� Don’t make a sales pitch when you initially meet someone – Don’t say, “Hi, I am Eldon and I am a network marketer. Do you want to sign up under me?” People will flee from you like the plague. You are there to build a relationship with people. I am a member of our local chamber and I have to build relationships first.

A� Give some helpful information – People want helpful information. Some of my friends text me health information. I like that type of information. If you are a network marketer, give some success tips. Social media is a long-term relationship. It takes take time, patience, and work. It is a give and take relationship.

A� Don’t send out a lot of junk tweets a day – I had this one person send me a dozen or more tweets a day. It was annoying.

A� Use clean language – No profanity or nudity.

A� Be who you are – Be yourself. If you are branding yourself, use your picture rather than an avatar. I am more likely to continue a relationship with you if I see your picture.

A� Be nice – Remember your posts are public. Caring an attitude will damage your name and business.

A� Respect others – You might not agree with them, but listen to what they have to say. Don’t get into an argument. If you have a problem with someone, just remove them from your friend list and block them. Don’t belittle the person.

Social media is a whole new media, but it is still the same basic table manners that our parents taught. We are to do unto others as we want others to do unto us.