In point of fact, there are many types of high-end Samsung smartphone. But the newest Samsung Galaxy S9 is arguably becomes the best Samsung smartphone in this year. The previous successful products maybe what makes Samsung upgrading its smartphone more and more. There is a Samsung Galaxy S9 review in here for those who want to own this smartphone. No need to talk to much, let’s discuss how good this smartphone by looking at the Samsung Galaxy S9 review below.

The Design

Design is the most reason used by people in buying smartphone. If you want to know how is the Galaxy S9’s design, you should keep following this Samsung Galaxy S9 review. From the body, Samsung embedded metal material to this smartphone’s frame. You can see how glamour this smartphone is when you are holding it in your hand. It looks glossy and slim which are very ideal for classy smartphone. The unique color of lilac purple becomes the attractiveness which maybe you can’t find in other brand. But there are also common colors like coral blue, black, and grey if you don’t like purple color. It is more complete with the existence of  finger print in the back side.

The Camera

Then we are going to do Samsung Galaxy S9 review from its camera. If you already expect more about this smartphone’s camera, you should be more patient in comparing it with the other smartphones at the same or equal price. But the existence of dual aperture which are F1.5 and F2.4 becomes a sign that Samsung increases its camera feature. It can be said that these two apertures are the newest features ever in smartphone. You can use this feature to take a high quality pictures even in the low light place. If you don’t know yet about these apertures, you should know that the bigger lens is on the F1.5. While the smaller is on the F2.4. The bigger one is very helpful for taking pictures under the low light.

The Performance

The last Samsung Galaxy S9 review is going to the performance. It can be said that this Samsung Galaxy S9 has fast performance. It is because the using of Snapdragon 845 processor which supports you for some activities including gaming. The 4GB RAM capacity also becomes the reason why this smartphone works faster. These processor and RAM are the points of Samsung Galaxy S9 review from its performance. You can take a conclusion is these are enough to have or not.

So, is this Samsung Galaxy S9 review already makes you sure to buy this enchanted smartphone?